7/13/2020: CHAPTER 13: THE FARM FAMILY: DISCOVERY “What are you 3 going on about in here? We could hear you in the kitchen.” Marge and I were carrying the bowls and platters of food into the dining room for breakfast. There was not enough room around the little kitchenette table for the 5 of us. The food was placed on the table and her sons waited for her and me to sit before they started passing the food around. I noticed immediately the absence of a formal prayer, another piece of fallout from their former existence. I watch read Sex Story
    Categories: Group Sex Mature / Older Incest / Taboo Author: Ike-man, Source: xHamster
  2. Phone Call To the Nurse

    7/13/2020: Well if you have read my other to blogs or stories you will see where this is leading. Well I made the phone call to my nurse I had in the hospital, well lets get this straight, my wife and I had her. So my wife really enjoyed sucking on the young nurse breast and tasting her milk and I enjoyed watching it all take place. We like my wife told me to make it happen and for me to call the nurse up and arrange it. Well I made the call I think the nurse was waiting on the call. As she answered the phone with a nervousness in her voice, “Ah hellooo”? My reply was “Hey guess who your favorite patient read Sex Story
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  3. Another visit to an adult book store

    7/13/2020: That night I came back home from my office and found my sweet wife very aroused and excited. Her slut girlfriend Camilla had told her about a new adult book store at the other side of the town. During afternoon Ana had gone there with Camilla and my wife had seen long shelves with erotic books and magazines; porn movies, sex toys and sexy lingerie outfits. At the back of the local there were some secret cabins where visitors could spend their time on watching porn and even more. My sexy wife had just purchased a new dildo for her huge toy collection. But she was very excited as she told me w read Sex Story
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  4. The Prophecy Ch. 3

    7/13/2020: The Prophecy Ch. 3 This is the continuation of the previous chapter, please read to fill in any blanks. I appreciate the feedback and apologize for previous and any future grammatical errors. This story contains fantasy/magic within it and is the start of more interesting magical twists to come. If you’re not interested in the realm of seduction, fantasy, action, and adventure then you found read Sex Story
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  5. Becoming Daddy's Girl part 2 (Edited with a slight re-write)

    7/13/2020: A warm sensation on my clit pulls me from the brink of exhaustion, dragging me through a haze back to reality. Every nerve in my body seems to react to his mouth as he tastes me. I glance down and see him between my thighs, staring up at me with a ravenous hunger in his eyes. I claw at my sheets as his mouth devours me, exploring every inch of my defiled sex. His tongue, ferociously read Sex Story
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  6. The Acolyte

    7/12/2020: The Acolyte (Part 1) I stood alone in the clearing composing myself, my sheer acolytes dress swirling about me. I closed my eyes feeling the power welling within my twenty-year-old body. It began in my abdomen before spreading quickly to my extremities, and I concentrated harder, willing it into my hands, focussing it, and directing it to my target. Three clay pots filled with water stood on read Sex Story
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  7. Accident Gets Me And Mom Close – Part 1

    7/11/2020: My name is Sameer, 28 yrs old and I live in Pune with my Mom. Only c***d of my Mom Sunanda. Dad Suresh works in Dubai and visits us only in 6 months basis. Recently I met with an accident at Pune while coming back from office. Since the accident happened just near my home, the people got me ho read Sex Story
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  8. Golf - The Art of Finding the Hole

    7/11/2020: Buckle in folks, this one is going to take a while. But I promise you, it’s worth the read. A vendor in my industry sponsors a golf tournament every year at a private country club. I happen to be quite an accomplished golfer, so they want me on their team every year. I drive it long down the middle most of the time, and my iron game rivals most of the guys that get to play on tv. Putting, well, it’s not my strong suit. But that has little to do with the story. So the tournament ends, our team wins yet again. Actually, for the third year running. The other three guys on the team are as happy read Sex Story
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  9. My Bengali Maid

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  10. Mother Of The Bride

    7/11/2020: I was putting on my “mother of the bride” dress, in my private dressing room at the extravagant wedding venue my daughter had chosen. A beautiful place in the Flathead wilderness called “Antler Ridge Wilderness Weddings.” I was naked from the waist up, and suddenly the door opened! There stood my ex-boyfriend Deke. A tall, handsome black man, who spent three years making me his naughty little married slut. The room went quiet. Deke’s eyes were locked on my bare tits. I didn’t bother to cover up. He had seen me naked more times than he had seen me dressed. Besides, I wanted him to look at me. I read Sex Story
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