1. A very naughty dating site

    1/26/2021: I had been participating on a very naughty dating site. Of course I had a fake profile; I did not want anybody could find me there, looking for casual sex; not even some of my sweet Ana’s girlfriends… One afternoon I discovered our sexy MILF neighbor was there, looking for a good moment… So I sent her a private message, asking what she wanted from this dating site. She answered she was starving about lack of sex; since she had divorced six months ago and nobody had fucked her in so many time… Reading her words really drove me crazy. I wanted to fuck this slutty divorced woman. I really needed read Sex Story
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  2. Mother and son

    1/26/2021: My father died a few years back when I was 17 leaving my mother and myself to fend for ourselves. Mom changed over the past few years since his death losing what can only be described as her spark for life. The only good thing that came from my father's death was he left my mom well enough off that she no longer needed to work any longer. My summer days at age 18 with the guys usually included a dip in our pool on hot days. The pool in our backyard wasn't Olympic sized, but it certainly did the trick. My mom had taken to joining us for a few laps in the pool on a regular basis which always read Sex Story
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  3. Amatures in need. 1.

    1/26/2021: "Hi and welcome to Amatures in need" I said looking into the camera, after Steve had turned it on. "Me and Steve have come to this little town in the midlands, because we received a urgent email from a middle aged woman named Carol, who has two k**s, a mortgage, no partner, and is really in need of a good hard fuck! So lets go find her!" I then said letting the audience know what was going on. You see, while we were filming Grandma Honey's videos, we started getting plenty of emails from ordinary folk wanting to know if they could join in, and even though Grandma Honey was kind of interested i read Sex Story
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  4. Aunt meg pt 5 Return of the Prune

    1/25/2021: Aunt Meg pt 5 Return of the Prune I awoke to my bed bouncing and a hand grasping Wee Willie. Before I could move, a nipple was jammed into my mouth. Oh well who was I to complain. I felt something warm and delightful moving down my cock it was grasping and releasing and moving downward to do it again. Then it hit bottom and began to grind. The delicious nipple was yanked from my mouth only read Sex Story
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  5. Couple's picnic

    1/25/2021: Tim and I had been friends since high school. As the years pasted, we both married and divorced. Tim remarried a lovely lady named Linda and I, having divorced much later never remarried. We planned a picnic at a remote park along side a mountain. Nice place and well kept but rarely used during the week so we all agreed it would be a hump day afternoon. Little did I realize it would be taken literally. Each of us brought something to share. I brought wine and beer, Tim and Linda brought samwich stuff and Betty brought finger food. I also brought a deck of cards as we all enjoyed poker games read Sex Story
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  6. Visiting an adult book store before leaving town

    1/25/2021: The company would send me away from town in a quick business trip. My beloved hubby had been also far from home since a couple days ago; so I was very aroused on those last days. Victor had not fucked me for two weeks. I was really horny as hell… I had a flight to catch at midnight and I had plenty time for a nice dinner. And I had been plenty time all the day thinking about a hard dick… My trip would be quick; so I would drive to the airport, to leave my car parked there. On the way, there was a sordid adult book store that I loved so much. After finishing dinner, I packed my last stuff and h read Sex Story
    Categories: Anal Mature / Older Gay Author: Anitaslut44, Source: xHamster
  7. Behind my Slut Wife - Cheryl

    1/25/2021: Behind My Slut Wife I was kneeling behind my wife, who was on all fours, pumping my cock in and out of her pussy. I was getting a real bang out of this as it was partial payment for her not being forthright about what she had been doing the last few months. More on that later, back to more important things. As I fucked my wife, Cheryl, our skin slapping in our throes of passion, I was getting closer to a climax, hoping she was too. Her pussy was really slick and lubed, and she was groaning with pleasure as we fucked. I reached behind me, and pulled the big, black dildo from under the coverl read Sex Story
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  8. True Story: My Wife's Hot Past

    1/24/2021: She fucked 'around 300', in four years of university, by her estimate, a couple before that, including a divorced black guy in his thirties, when she was s e v e n t e e n! She said he was stereotypically large, and used to hurt her when he fucked her. And they'd fuck for hours at a stretch. Then, after we started going out she went over to Ireland to go to the Oasis concert in Cork. That night, back in the house they'd rented, she was left up alone with her cousin's husband, John. She told me, about a year later, that she'd slept with him , but no details, and although I was upset that she' read Sex Story
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  9. 1st sauna visit pt 2

    1/23/2021: taking a shower to clean all the cum off my face and chest, i was still so fucking horny my cock still hard & longing to empty my balls into a mouth or ass, i walked around for a while decided to go have a coffee, as i waited the old guy at reception walked through the lounge asked how i was getting on & had i found what i wanted, i said i sucked a very big cock he smiled, he asked if thats what i liked always i replied, he directed me to the glory holes & said take a seat 1 will be along very soon, i didnt wait long when a cock poked through the 1st hole, i licked the purple bell read Sex Story
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  10. Mom Caught Me pt. 1

    1/23/2021: I received a PC from my grandfather for my 18th birthday and spent most of senior year discovering the wonders of the internet. I quickly became the one to beat in chess club with the intricate and advanced strategies I learned from chess sites. I became fairly decent at drawing my favorite cartoon characters, I studied photography, weightlifting, golf, military history, anything that sparked my read Sex Story
    Categories: Fiction / Fantasy Asian, Oral Sex / Blowjob Incest / Taboo Masturbation / Toys Mature / Older Teen Author: cakeman1212, Source: sexstories.com