1. Ida gits it but good so does Sylvia

    1/20/2021: "You know we are in the kink capital of the universe here in the Bay area, San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley? There are so many pervs here it's like a fucking New York bakery...you gotta take a number. I'm not quite heterosexual, neither is Woody, nether are you, it seems. I could see if I could help you meet some people here who are kinky but not insane, who would treat you, not mis-treat you. If you were going to be around for a few more days...." "Oooooooohhhh. I have to get on the train next Friday. I'm still in high school. " Sylvia got up, crossed the room, put her arms around Roger, gave read Sex Story
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  2. Lucky Bastard

    1/20/2021: Company car and a pay rise, yes please. My luck was in. From commuting in on packed trains to driving home solo I was having a great week, even better as it was a rainy windy Friday. I went to the car park below the office, a Audi A5 2 door saloon was my ride, midnight black 2.0lt engine. In the dusky light and the rain I took my time being a sensible driver avoiding potholes and the growing ponds beside the kerbs. Out of nowhere a yob in a transit van pulled out of a side street. His huge swing out of the junction had me take evasive action and right into a puddle beside the kerb. Phew near read Sex Story
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  3. Cuckold By Transgender Tailor

    1/13/2021: I’m newly married with a sexy slim wife name Revathi. She has a nice figure of 34-30-36. Her ass is bigger than her slim body. Her bra fit right to her boobs. After our marriage we move to a new town that far from my house. My age is 26 and my wife also same. She always like to wear little sexy but I won’t allow her to do. As now we are far from our hometown, she take advantage and wear all the kind dress she liked. One day read Sex Story
    Categories: Hardcore, Trans Humor Author: bnglrcoupl4sex, Source: xHamster
  4. Rooftop Dreams

    1/9/2021: The concrete is colder than I thought it’d be. More abrasive. Like sandpaper and those small, painfully annoying pebbles that squirm their way into your shoes back when you’re a kid drunk off sugared drinks and running like a bat outta hell around the playground. Worry free. Innocent. Happy. The fucking good old days of pop tarts, staying up late eating jellybeans and watching Power read Sex Story
    Categories: Humor Author: MadMartigan, Source: LushStories
  5. Get Drunk with me

    1/8/2021: It has been long since I wrote something but to make up for the lost days to my funs I think is about time I give you a true story about my friend and I. I changed her name in the story, just in case. This happened of late about a month ago, but I think I should start from how it started. Lydia has been my best friend since I was in standard five. At first I felt intimated because she was very good looking. She was an early bloomer, having a really nice set of tits so early into puberty. In standard seven, she was head over heel for my best friend, Joseph. I won’t lie, Joseph was one of the mo read Sex Story
    Categories: Mature / Older Hardcore, Humor Author: simplemaster98, Source: xHamster
  6. Mistis' Adventures Part 46

    1/7/2021: They arrived back at the house to find Mama Campbell cooking dinner, and Mama Breen setting out the dishes and putting the food in dishes for the family. They all rushed over to the two mothers to kiss them "Hello," and being kissed in return, Mama Campbell cocked an eyebrow at the group in her special manner, and commented wryly, "Looks like someone has been plowing the South 40 today. Do you reckon the seeds will take hold?" Betty and Cathy both understood her inference at once, but, Misti, who hadn't been exposed to these references, before, didn't catch her drift. They clarified Mom's mean read Sex Story
    Categories: Humor Voyeur / Exhibitionism Incest / Taboo Author: sandlicker, Source: xHamster

    12/31/2020: You take me to a darkened theater and I try to keep up with you as i watch your butt in your tight jeans wiggle in front of me. My cock, as hard as a rock was already down to my knees and my pants were rubbing it as I walked. I felt myself about to cum and you looked back to me and knew what was about to happen, so you grabbed my cock through my pants and squeezed the head of my cock. "Not yet baby, we're not even in the theater yet." I felt my blood going back into my body and you held onto my bulge as we entered the theater. It was musty and damp, the seats had a plastic cover and there were read Sex Story
    Categories: Fetish Hardcore, Humor Author: robmass22, Source: xHamster
  8. An Old Debt has to be Paid--1

    12/30/2020: I am going to narrate a real life story, a story about me and my wife. It is not a fabrication of my imagination. All characters are real but have had their names changed for personal protection and any relevance to any person is purely a coincidence. This is a story of blackmail, cheat, jealousy, cuckoldry relationship. If you read Sex Story
    Categories: Interracial Humor Hardcore, Author: amulya4mens, Source: xHamster
  9. Young Couples Were Swapping Spouses and Didn't Know It

    12/22/2020: Something very ironic, and I think humorous happened between two, young, married couples, and the husband and wife of the first-person couple will give their arousing accounts of what happened. Jason’s Story My name is Jason, and I met, Kim, and woman who would become my wife, in our senior year in college. Her bubbly, flirty personality perfectly complements her beauty, and I thought I read Sex Story
    Categories: Humor Author: edlangston, Source: LushStories
  10. Stuffing her turkey

    12/19/2020: I checked my watch again and was unpleasantly surprised it was only 1:30pm; was hoping it was more like 3pm. It was a boring day at work on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. I was also horny and thinking about how I was going to get laid over the holiday weekend. Fortunately, I had recently reconnected with my old friend, Pam. About 3 years ago, Pam got married and moved to Dallas. She had been a very reliable fuck buddy for some time. She was about ten years older than me and lived nearby. She was great in bed and taught me a lot about pleasing a woman. But, we were nothing more than friend read Sex Story
    Categories: Hardcore, Humor Mature / Older Author: CptMrgn11, Source: xHamster