1. Mom pregnant with me and my birth.

    7/1/2020: So like I said in my last story mom got pregnant with in 1991. Well my mom and dad had 2 friends Randy who is my dads friend who is black and his wife Tiranka who is my moms co worker and friend. So mom and Tiranka had to go to Ardmore Oklahoma for a work trip so dad and randy tagged along well one night randy and tirnaka went to the movies my mom and dad stayed behind and mom said I’m ovulating get me pregnant so they went to fucking mom still had her huge breast implants at the time. So randy and Tiranka come back and walk in on them ducking they joined in randy and Tiranka got naked and sta read Sex Story
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  2. Truth or Dare: 69 Dares

    6/29/2020: 01: Give another player a sensual foot rub for 1 minute. 02: Show your nipples. 03: Strip naked and get dressed again as fast as you can. 04: Demonstrate how to properly give oral sex. Be very detailed and use props if available. 05: Fake an orgasm. Be realistic. 06: Tell a sexy story about how you lost your virginity. 07: Show your pubic hair. 08: Try to lick your exposed nipple, if you can't do it then take another Dare 09: Boys Only: Show your dick. 10: Show your butt-hole. 11: Tell a sexy story about your first time giving oral sex. 12: Boys Only: Trace your dick on paper, sign it, and ha read Sex Story
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  3. I Became Slave to old man

    6/27/2020: I have a very fair complexion, height 5’5″, busty and curvy. Vital stats – 36, 30, 36. Am very very very horny and lost my virginity very young. Let me narrate one incident that happened to me. Both my parents are working and I was in college. It was study holidays for me and I was at home, alone, pretty bored. I lived in the ground floor of an apartment. There was this watchman, tall and d read Sex Story
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  4. Father In Law In Train

    6/26/2020: my husband as a bank manager in Pune our native is near Coimbatore Tamilnadu. my experience is very lovable so i like to share with u all once my family with my two c***dren visited our village near Coimbatore for vacation one afternoon I went top roof to collect the clothes c***dren’s were playing husband gone out. mother-in-law was in rest while top of roof I saw some movement in the garden saw my father in law hugging tightly a servant lady he already removed her dresses both were almost nude as it seems rain may come read Sex Story
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  5. Best Friend Cuckold Me And Fucks My Wife

    6/24/2020: this is my fantasy story of getting cuckold by my huge dick friend and my wife willingly taking it! My name is Morgan. I am 27 years old. I am an average-built guy with a slim and tall body. I got married recently. About my wife, her name is Katy. She is a little dominant type but she is not used to doing it with me as I am the leader of the family. My wife is short and slim with a perfect read Sex Story
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  6. The Ghost And Ms. Chicken

    6/24/2020: I'm Penelope Spade, budding Private Eye. Beside me, in my blue Mini Cooper as we cruise up Highway 71, sits Katrina, my tall, blonde lover, her shorts accentuating her long, sensual gams. I met her on my first caper, six months ago. But time is taking its toll. Nothing I can put my finger on (or in), but we talk less and sex is now as infrequent as a good Star Wars movie. (I warn you before read Sex Story
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  7. Traffic Tease

    6/20/2020: “Hope you’ve done as I asked or you won’t get your surprise,” John said with a smirk as he gripped the steering wheel a little tighter. I was sitting in the passenger seat with my legs and arms crossed, pretending to ignore him as I looked out the window, watching the traffic slowly move by. “Are you going to even give me a hint of what this surprise of yours is?” I finally huffed read Sex Story
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  8. Sexual Problems In Middle Age And Proper Solution

    6/19/2020: Kumar and Vijaya are happily married couple working in prestigious organisations in the town. They maintain a healthy sexual life too. But for last one year, Kumar was having some sexual issues related to lack of erection or early ejaculation. That disturbed both of them a lot. So they took appointment to a reputed doctor nea read Sex Story
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  9. Two For One

    6/17/2020: Two for one. So, okay. Happy new year, motherfuckers. You're getting two for the price of one. Part one. A long time ago, in a galaxy far away... Like, before I met my current guy, I spent a period living with a roommate. We both needed to live with eachother to be able to afford anything, but other than that, there was nothing between us. I'm sure he's sneaked a peek or listened at my door at some occasions, but to be honest, I would have done the same. In fact, I did. Anyway, he was a nice guy and that's it. One time, I was sort of going steady with a guy and he wanted dirty pictures. Now read Sex Story
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  10. Wedding Ceremony IN Village

    6/11/2020: Hi, this is Rahul. I share a marriage night story with you. Actual date I don’t remember yet, the day of my friend’s wedding ceremony, he reached his village before 7-8 days, I and my friends already prepared themselves to attend this wedding, So we bought gift as well as whisky and started our journey to his village, as per google map, his village was far from our location around 246 kms in some hilly typo location. We started a day before means too early. Till morning we covered around 150 kms, we parked on dabba and took breakfast with beer. After taking rest, we again moved slowly. We reac read Sex Story
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