1. The club, femdom Ex-girlfriend.

    1/23/2021: This is the second story with these characters in “The Club”. Both stories can be read independent from one another, but of course the story-line begins in the first story. The fist story's genre is best described as “reluctant male forced into cuckolding”. This second (this) story is a bit more kinky (not extreme, no torture or pain) and best described as “Female-domination with forced male read Sex Story
    Categories: Fiction / Fantasy Anal BDSM Bisexual Oral Sex / Blowjob Cuckold Cum Swallowing Humiliation Non-consensual Sex Slavery, Group Sex Author: Sensual stories, Source: sexstories.com
  2. Dhampire Chronicles Chap.1

    1/22/2021: Hot breath slid over the expanse of my neck, the anticipation was killing me as I squirmed in the hard wooden seat. The dainty pale fingers held me stiffening as she held me in place, my squirming being held fast then becoming frantic feeling the long thin line of saliva drawn from nape up my neck to the lobe of my ear. I just wanted her to do it. End it. It was weeks into spring break almost read Sex Story
    Categories: Fiction / Fantasy Anal BDSM Blackmail, Oral Sex / Blowjob Cock & ball torture, Cum Swallowing Gay Humiliation Non-consensual Sex Author: Endrance, Source: sexstories.com
  3. The Redhead in the Killer Kollar

    1/19/2021: WARNING! All of my writing is intended for adults over the age of 18 ONLY. Stories may contain strong or even extreme sexual content. All people and events depicted are fictional and any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental. Actions, situations, and responses are fictional ONLY and should not be attempted in real life. If you are under the age or 18 or do not understand read Sex Story
    Categories: Fiction / Fantasy BDSM Non-consensual Sex Voyeur / Exhibitionism Humiliation Masturbation / Toys Slavery, Rape / Violence / Cruelty Author: The_Technician, Source: sexstories.com
  4. Tales of the future- another taster!

    1/18/2021: This is just a snippet from a full story- If you like it let me know and I will post the full story! ***************************************** The past week or so had felt extremely quiet for the two remaining members back at the tiny secluded cave. Romian was recovering slowly, but he was more with it than when the others had left. For Gideon, it was timelessly dull. They were beginning to read Sex Story
    Categories: Fiction / Fantasy Oral Sex / Blowjob Humiliation Straight Sex Voyeur / Exhibitionism Author: hornyguy_2008, Source: sexstories.com
  5. Denise The Submissive Mom -Chapter 10 -Rocky uses his old hags

    1/16/2021: Introduction=Rocky was slapping his moms face with his large penis before he stuffed it back in her mouth, raven haired Sheila bobbed her head up & down quickly as she continued sucking her sons dink. It was the third time today he had fucked her face. She had come to visit him 3 days ago & it was nothing but hard & nasty sex since then . Last night Denise had joined her , Nina &Esperanza in read Sex Story
    Categories: Fiction / Fantasy BDSM Humiliation Incest / Taboo Mature / Older Mind Control Water Sports / Pissing, Author: nutzbubby, Source: sexstories.com
  6. Small Dick Handjob

    1/15/2021: She always knew about my crush too, and was sometimes the kind of girl to tease me about it for her own amusement. For example, sometimes she'd discreetly start rubbing my knee at lunch, with all our friends seated around us. She would bring her hand higher and higher until she was excruciatingly close to my cock, just barely grazing it with her fingertips. I'd be the last one to leave the read Sex Story
    Categories: Fiction / Fantasy Cum Swallowing BDSM Humiliation Teen Author: WritingSex, Source: sexstories.com
  7. The Magic Show

    1/15/2021: The Magic Show By Francis Drake Posted by JackFD, with Francis Drake’s permission. For more my Francis Drake and others go to www.nomadauthors.com, have fun. This story is an excerpt from a 60,000 word novel that is currently being written by Francis Drake, and is the second book in the Dragon Slave series with a working title of Preparing Rachel. In this series, a magic house built by read Sex Story
    Categories: Fiction / Fantasy Oral Sex / Blowjob BDSM Cum Swallowing Voyeur / Exhibitionism Humiliation Mind Control Rape / Violence / Cruelty Author: JackFD, Source: sexstories.com
  8. Modern Farm: Chapter 5, session #2

    1/15/2021: # Earned tip Another night, there are still some guests are around. The guest are tipping the sexy waitresses Katin and Sylvia a lot, due to the hot dress they wears. I do my usual job in the bar, mixing drinks and watching the both hot waitresses doing their job. # Dress of daughter Katin The ultra horny daughter Katin is dressed very sexy with an black and netlike C string in short read Sex Story
    Categories: Fiction / Fantasy Oral Sex / Blowjob BDSM Cheating Cum Swallowing Extreme, Humiliation Incest / Taboo Mind Control Slavery, Group Sex Rape / Violence / Cruelty Author: DoFirst_AskLater, Source: sexstories.com
  9. Only Girl in School Ch 4: a Frankel story

    1/10/2021: Only Girl in School Ch 4 Originally written by Frankel. This one is VERY mean and nasty, with some horror. Katie woke to the taste of cum. She opened her eyes and found a cock was aimed at her face, the last of its cum draining slowly from the head. Most of the load was in her mouth, prized open by an o shaped ring tied to her face. Katie swallowed as best as she could and looked up to read Sex Story
    Categories: Fiction / Fantasy Anal Oral Sex / Blowjob Cum Swallowing Horror, Humiliation BDSM Teen Non-consensual Sex Rape / Violence / Cruelty Author: magic4589, Source: sexstories.com
  10. The Lesbian Debt (Chapter 24) - Erica's Promotion

    1/7/2021: Chapter 24 ERICA'S PROMOTION Laura didn't really know what to do with herself once Amy had gone. She wasn't allowed to get dressed, and she couldn't watch TV. She thought about using her computer, but then remembered she would be naked and that her neighbour Ranjit could now see into her office from his backyard. The lounge room was the only room in the house screened from the outdoors, so read Sex Story
    Categories: Fiction / Fantasy Authoritarian, Blackmail, Cum Swallowing BDSM Lesbian Humiliation Job / Office Sex Straight Sex Non-consensual Sex Water Sports / Pissing, Author: All These Roadworks, Source: sexstories.com