1. My Wife Turns Pro

    1/25/2021: When the phone rang at our house on Sunday afternoon my wife, Cindy, was out shopping. It was our old friend Leroy, calling from L.A. Leroy worked as a trainer with several NFL and NBA teams, and was frequently on the road. We chatted about the upcoming game until Leroy came to the point. "Hey Bill, it's been a long time since we all got together. I sure would like to see you and your pretty wife again. So would half the players on this team." He chuckled. "We sure had a great time in St. Louis last year." Cindy and I had met Leroy at a beautiful downtown hotel in St. Louis the year before read Sex Story
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  2. Our Femdom Valentine

    1/25/2021: Author's Introduction: The title pretty much sums it up. But since there are different flavors of Femdom, I will tell you up front so no one is disappointed, this one is based on "gentle femdom" style. I will also tell you it's a slow build structure, and longer than I intended. If you're more into quick descriptive stories, I understand. But if you enjoy the 'why' as well as the 'what' in read Sex Story
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  3. Why am I attracted to men Like these men?

    1/25/2021: 1) A Middle Aged Man a whole Generation Older. We had been drinking all night and it was closing time. Our flat was on the outskirts of town, so we decided to hit the kebab shop and grab a taxi home, as it was approaching midnight. We left the pub and there was clearly a storm brewing, as we struggled to the kebab shop at the end of the block. It was pretty packed but eventually we got to the counter and placed our orders, with my friend Cathy batting her eyelids for a discount, but these Asian guys would have wanted a lot more than a pair of false eyelashes, in lieu of a full price, read Sex Story
    Categories: Anal Incest / Taboo Fetish Author: Fridagirl, Source: xHamster
  4. My Wife's Students Ch. 02

    1/24/2021: Watching me fuck Michelle, her college student, in her office set something off in my wife. Our occasional love making increased dramatically. We fucked every other day for the next few weeks, twice on a couple days. Each time, Michelle's name came up. One time, my wife even got on all fours and told me to call her Michelle while I fucked her from behind. Another time, she rubbed her pussy while I read Sex Story
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  5. How I Became A Gerontophile

    1/22/2021: Since I grew up in the age of miniskirts I always liked legs. Specifically those in nylon. So when puberty hit I was usually attracted to my instructors or any female staff who wore skirts with hose. My first year in high school there was a substitute teacher, Mrs. Heck. She had to be at least in her sixties. She sort of reminded me of an older Georgette Engel (RIP) only with glasses. She reminded me of a reverend's wife, the type of sweet old lady who baked pies, etc. That view all changed when she decided to sit on the desk while the class read out of their books. While the rest of the class read Sex Story
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  6. Laura Roft: Piss Raider - Reboot Ch. 04

    1/22/2021: The jungle around Laura and her entourage of black-suited Pentagram warriors was filled with sound as the beasts of its domain went about their business whilst remaining oblivious to the naked and bound woman in their midst. For her part, Laura was struggling against the urge to capitulate to the feeling of desperation that clawed at the back of her mind. As they pushed and prodded her along read Sex Story
    Categories: Fetish Author: byleaky_one, Source: Literotica

    1/22/2021: CAROL NO INHIBITIONS PART TWO She sure likes to show - she does, bunch of lights went off when she started, she sure looks good standing in front of that glass door - don't wait for a invitation to go up and play with her, I got some food being brought up, the other guy you are with, hes not into it - he likes to suck cuck - can you call him - I have a two way with me - have him come up, what do I owe you, come on in, I will get it - see you have a party going - my wife loves strangers to play with her - nice looking lady - thank you - just set in down over there, you are welcome to stay - read Sex Story
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  8. Working my small/tiny penis/dick into a threesome

    1/21/2021: This ain't going to be a long and certainly not an arousing story for most. What this is all about is for me to get insight from most of you all who have done it. A threesome. I've always wanted to do it even when I was still younger, sometimes I do feel a little regret since I never got to experience it. The biggest draw back for me was my small cock. I've always have come to terms with having a smaller penis than most and I'm really proud to say it did not hold me back into getting myself laid most of the time. Much like most guys with a tiny dick I've been stood up after the first night, go read Sex Story
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  9. Endgame

    1/21/2021: Three more bends up the hill, and I would be back in the safe havens of the hostel. I had been jogging at quite a brisk pace for over two miles now. But the early morning fog and the ensuing chill caught up every time you stopped for a breather. In this merciless December winter, the body sought warmth above everything else. A lot more was on my mind however, as I stopped by the read Sex Story
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  10. The Center

    1/20/2021: The Center I had been through the reception process the day before had been assigned my bed locker in the dormitory at that time I was in dormitory A This was for the younger boys. There were three dormitories total with eight boys in each beds two meters apart four each side of room. In total 28 boys were in there . Staff actually outnumbered the boys. There were also female staff .These were the most feared, even though they were not allowed to touch us their very presence ,was overpowering and their influence was paramount. The sound of their high heels on the wooden floors and the sight read Sex Story
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