1. Make It Up To Me Pt. 02

    7/12/2020: Chris, Sean's and Richard's friend, was throwing a very grand party indeed. It was all set up in the hotel's great banquet hall. Unfortunately for Sean, the hall was jam packed with people they knew. People they had to meet, come what may. The next circle of friends had joined them. As they talked and laughed, Richard glanced at Sean with a little smirk on his face. Despite the wide grin on read Sex Story
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  2. Taboo - Mom in law

    7/11/2020: This story started way back before i got married. I always fantasized about my mom in law and i always had this weird feeling that she was into me. She would always love me complimenting her in front of her husband and my gf at that time. I remember she once told me to tie the laces from her clothes on her neck once. For some stupid reason she said she was not being able to do it. I did and she looked at me in such a way to say thank you that it got me hard. Few other incidents i remember, she used to caress my feet under the table when we had dinner together and she would always wear skimp read Sex Story
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  3. 3rd date

    7/10/2020: 3rd date Sam was on his way round to pick up Lucy for there 3rd date. The two before had been a lot of fun but left Lucy wondering, by now most men had already been deep inside her and had there slink over her tits. Lucy was a loose slut and liked to be the one telling them what to do, but Sam was different she didn’t have that control and it was exciting her in a very different way then ever before. Sam walked up to the door and only just taped the door as she swung it open, she had been waiting for him, she was ready hours ago with anticipation. This hadn’t help her loose cunt as it was s read Sex Story
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  4. Ms. Flowers - Part 2

    7/9/2020: It’s okay baby doll. Just relax and do what your told to do. It is always difficult the first time”, your mother says. “But mommy, he’s has me so exposed! To all those people...and to you!” Your mother starts to gentle rub your bottom while I continue to move my fingers up and around the lips of your cunt. “It will all be okay. Although the waiting room is pretty full and they are all watching your examination. You can’t say you don’t like it honey. The stream of juices from you is forming a puddle on the floor.” “Mommy, all those people will see my most secret parts. They will learn my read Sex Story
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  5. the night my husband acted as driver

    7/8/2020: The other night I had a chance to be out of the house for a while, so I tried to arrange to be fucked and come home filled up The logistics of arranging cock on the side are awful, though, so I was just left with a hungry pussy and one dude who was sexting me but unable to meet up. I love sending naughty messages to other men, though, even when I can tell it isn't leading to a hookup. It gets me wet to test out what dirty things they want to hear, to know what they hope to get out of me if/when they are brave enough to follow through. The other man was saying just the right things to keep me g read Sex Story
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    7/5/2020: Joanna Wells, and her friend Cathy Calusa were walking through the shopping mall on a Saturday afternoon. They are both proud members of the Christian Disciplinary Sisterhood, which required them to be modest in their, dress, actions, and character. While they were both still in their teens, with Joanna being 17, and Cathy being 16, they were very mature for teenagers. Joanna with her hair cut in a nice very short, wavy perm, giving her the mature, strict disciplinarian look she loved so much. Wearing a nice long sleeve pink blouson, with a jewel-neck collar, and fitted waistband, bloused nice read Sex Story
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  7. Fun Vacation for wife and I

    7/4/2020: We got packed and flew to a big city on the west coast this time and figured we would do the same stuff that we always did. Check into our hotel put on some nice stuff under our cloths and go and find some nice places to take some kinky pictures around town. We checked into our room and we could not wait to dress and go check out the city. My wife brought along her strap-on cock like always and she was dressed in a garter belt, nylons, open cup bra and no panties she also put on a nice top and a short skirt. I was dressed the same we did have on different colors I wore red she had on black I a read Sex Story
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  8. Beth, Simon and Robin too part 2.

    7/4/2020: 2 weeks had past since I revealed beths pic's to an all too eager robin. It had been more difficult at first to 'pluck up the courage' to show him those initial photos but all had gone much better than imagined. Robin, despite being a perfect gentleman outwardly, hid a dark secret, he was the original dirty old man! As I said it was difficult at first. Yes I got to talk to him alone and yes we did talk about the opposite sex, I learned early on that he, like myself, was a fan of bbws or the 'fuller figure'. I noticed as well that he was very active at watching the ladies from the car when we read Sex Story
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  9. Naughty Peeing at University Ch. 04

    7/3/2020: My heart was hammering in my chest as I was led away from the Kitty Litter to a place unknown. I did my utmost to keep track of my progress as we left behind the warmth of the morning sun and into the coolness of the University interior. I could hear the sound of other people nearby as I was led along, the fact that nobody commented on my condition (with a bag over my head) implied the belief that read Sex Story
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  10. I only Fuck Black Guys Asses Pegged

    7/2/2020: My name is Rebecca O'Connell. My friends call me Becky but you can call me Beck. Everybody does. I have a tough job, ladies and gentlemen. My job involves the arduous task of running all over the continent of North America finding sexy Black men to fuck. From Boston to Atlanta and New York. From Toronto to Calgary and Montreal. From Mexico City to Cancun. Wherever sexy Black men are to be found, I'll be there. Now, you wouldn't think that's such a hard thing to do since I'm a five-foot-eleven, busty and big-bottomed, curvy Irish-American woman with blonde hair and green eyes. However, there is read Sex Story
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