1. Slutty Real Estate Ch. 01

    7/12/2020: My new series about slutty real estate agents going the extra mile to make the sale. EPISODE 01 : Penny's Side Job My wife Penny's (Penny From The Big Bang Theory) career is fooling good. She's started a sales rep job at a pharmaceutical company. A doctor she sold some drugs too made her a business proposition. He owns a real estate company and he asked Penny if she would sell some read Sex Story
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  2. Olivia Taylor Dudley's Big Boobies

    7/12/2020: This is Olivia Taylor Dudley. She is an actress on the TV show The Magicians. She plays Alice. Why is Olivia so famous? Some may say because of her acting ability... maybe. There is another reason I think she is famous. What reason is that? That's right. Olivia really has no talent at all. She is just a blonde slut with big tits. I'm sure everyone wants to suck them. The actors she works with, the directors.... how can you not wana suck those massive tits? read Sex Story
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  3. The Curse of Anne Boleyn

    7/11/2020: The medieval drama needed someone to play the doomed English queen. Step forward the prettiest boy in school. It was all fun and games for our “actress” until the last grisly scene when everything went horribly wrong. Jay had always been a would-be thespian. He loved Shakespeare and often spent hours at home in front of the mirror reciting the dialogue. Lady Macbeth and Juliet were his favourite characters and he dreamt of playing them on stage in front of an appreciative audience. Of course, he studied drama at school and was far and away the best student. He loved impressing the teacher wi read Sex Story
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  4. Erotic Escort Experience With A Rich Indian Woman

    7/9/2020: I am a tall, handsome and very very sarcastic, 6 feet 5, fit body and have a serious look on my face most of the time. I have been living here since 1999, completed all my education here and went to another city in southern India for work. I worked for 4 years and saved a little money. I got back to the city in May 2019 for h read Sex Story
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  5. Curls

    7/9/2020: Have I told you about the time I met Keri Russell? This happened on a promotional tour she did during the first season of "Felicity". I was eagerly waiting in line along with everyone else until her manager, an older woman with rather garish make-up, slapped a kissy lips stamp on my hand and patted me on the back, indicating it was my turn. I stepped inside and turned a few corners in the read Sex Story
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  6. Madhuri's Premiere Ch. 02

    7/9/2020: Sonkashi Sinha had noticed Romeo in the lobby as soon as she came in, but she had to talk to some fans and organisers etc. etc. and could not immediately go to him. Then she tried again but never managed to get even close to him. She watched Madhuri introduce Esha Gupta to him and worried that she had missed her chance. As Romeo walked into the theatre flanked by his sluts and other industry read Sex Story
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  7. Emmerdale the Next Generation Ch. 17

    7/7/2020: Gabby Thomas lay in her bed. Her eyes were across the room, gazing at the sleeping figure of Leanna Cavanagh, her roommate and her mother's lovers daughter. They had not got off to the best of starts, but recently there had been a slight thawing of the icy, not to say bitchy relationship between the two eighteen year olds. Despite being sexually active with boys from aged fifteen, Gabby had read Sex Story
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  8. Wild n Out

    7/5/2020: Sommer Ray and Justin Valentine Fantasy request. Justina Valentine had just come off stage as the show Wild n Out began to roll the credits, back stage she found Sommer Ray. Greeting her with a hug from behind and a quick kiss on the neck "Hey girl! Damn you fuckin killed it out there babe! Droppin them beats!" Laughed Justina happily. Sommer turned around to face Justina "Awh, thank you! read Sex Story
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  9. Big Bang Theory Season 09 Ep. 03-07

    7/3/2020: Even though Leonard and Penny spent two incredible days and nights in Big Bear fucking everyone in sight, neither of them actually had a bachelor or bachelorette party. Howard and Raj kidnapped Leonard and along with Sheldon, they had a van and were going to take him to a surprise location for the weekend. Penny even packed him a bag without him knowing it. Sheldon was upset because he was read Sex Story
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  10. Porn Wrestling Federation —— Stephanie McMahon

    6/30/2020: * * * Porn Wrestling Federation presents... WWE Diva and WWE businesswoman Stephanie McMahon In... PWF Casting Tapings – Stephanie McMahon The video starts up with the view out into an office setting with a door being seen, a couch up beside the back wall and various pictures in frames and award certificates hung up on the side walls. The camera sat on the desk of the office, looking out as we hear a knock on the door and see a silhouette of a female form on the other side. "Come in!" The male voice said from behind the camera, belonging to the experienced porn director, star, and owner read Sex Story
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