1. Big Bang Theory Season 09 Ep. 03-07

    7/3/2020: Even though Leonard and Penny spent two incredible days and nights in Big Bear fucking everyone in sight, neither of them actually had a bachelor or bachelorette party. Howard and Raj kidnapped Leonard and along with Sheldon, they had a van and were going to take him to a surprise location for the weekend. Penny even packed him a bag without him knowing it. Sheldon was upset because he was read Sex Story
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  2. Porn Wrestling Federation —— Stephanie McMahon

    6/30/2020: * * * Porn Wrestling Federation presents... WWE Diva and WWE businesswoman Stephanie McMahon In... PWF Casting Tapings – Stephanie McMahon The video starts up with the view out into an office setting with a door being seen, a couch up beside the back wall and various pictures in frames and award certificates hung up on the side walls. The camera sat on the desk of the office, looking out as we hear a knock on the door and see a silhouette of a female form on the other side. "Come in!" The male voice said from behind the camera, belonging to the experienced porn director, star, and owner read Sex Story
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  3. Rupali Sood's Big Break

    6/30/2020: Rupali adjusted her dress again but she had to face the fact that it was a very short dress and no amount of pulling or tugging was going to make it cover her thighs. The skin-tight minidress just covered her shapely, tight butt and went maybe 3 inches lower but there it stopped leaving her thighs and her long legs fully bare. Rupali once again cursed the show organisers for giving all the girls read Sex Story
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  4. The Filling in a Slayer Sandwich

    6/29/2020: The Filling in a Slayer Sandwich Xander yawned as he made his way through the corridors of Sunnydale High School, responding to an unexpected call from Giles for help with researching the latest demon of the week. While he wasn’t very good with reading the books Giles had brought with him from England to help discover what they were facing, Xander seemed to have a knack for finding books that held the required information for Giles and the others to go through, a talent that the Watcher utilised often, although generally not when Buffy or Willow were around. As he passed Principal Sny read Sex Story
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  5. Kinky Little Clary Ch. 02

    6/29/2020: Disclaimer: I do not own Shadowhunters. I do not make any money from the writing of this story. ***** Clary Fray knew that she would pay for what she had done to Isabel Lightwood long before her girlfriend started telling her that. Hell, she had known it while coming up with her little plan, and had been a major reason for why she had hesitated for so long to suggest it. Although the read Sex Story
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  6. A Night on Nar Shaddaa

    6/18/2020: Comments and feedback are very welcome. I'm considering spinning a couple of these characters off into their own series- we'll see how that goes. Again, I still don't own Star Wars. ***** "Force, Daj, we're in public..." They were, in fact, in public. This was a rather obvious fact, being as they were at a cantina in the Corellian quarter of Nar Shaddaa, and the place was pretty crowded read Sex Story
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  7. Banged Indian TV star Shweta Tiwari

    6/17/2020: Hey folks, Its Shoaib again to share a story of how I had sex with one of the most famous and sexy Indian television actress Shweta Tiwari, who is very popular for her role in the TV serial 'Kasauti Zindagi ki'. Shweta was 39 years old Milf with one broken marriage and was currently married to another rich guy but recently the news was coming about their unstable relationship. Palak Tiwari, who read Sex Story
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  8. Emma Watson's Mother goes Black

    6/15/2020: Note- This is entirely fictional. I do not know any of the characters in this story nor have I ever met them. And it does not portray any events in real life. xxx Emma had stayed close to her mother, Jacqueline Luesby, ever since her parents had divorced when she was only five. Not many people are aware that Emma had been born in Paris and had lived there until age five when she and her read Sex Story
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  9. Bar Refaeli in Barcelona Ch. 03

    6/15/2020: This is a work of fiction. This multi-chapter series explores themes such as free use and wife sharing. It features interconnected story elements across all chapters that are recommended to be read in order. ***** OUTSIDE THE MASSAGE ROOM, 20 MINUTES LATER Bar and Lucas exit the massage room, closing the door behind them. They stand in the hallway, ready to part ways. She attempts to read Sex Story
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  10. The unlikely makeup artist pt2

    6/14/2020: I woke up laying on my back, Domino’s face on my chest, her left leg over my body. Her morning wood pressed against my leg. Her left hand around my waist. My left hand holding her firm ass. My right hand on her back. There was no way for me to get up without disturbing her. I really had to piss bad. I tried scooting from under her but she woke up. Hey what’s wrong ?she looked at me her beautiful brown eyes. She smiled. I gotta piss I laughed Ok she giggled. I got up and ran to the bathroom. I stood there pissing she came in. Scoot over! Her hard cock I watched intently as her clear stream c read Sex Story
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