1. At the Mercy of the Pack

    7/8/2020: The room that I was led into had an incredibly authentic feel to it. Hay littered the floor and iron shackles were anchored deep into the walls at regular intervals. Chains zig-zagged across the stained concrete but weren’t currently hooked up to any animals. The room smelled faintly of excrement, but not enough to be overwhelming or off-putting. The space was otherwise empty, save for what I read Sex Story
    Categories: Fiction / Fantasy Anal Bestiality BDSM Masturbation / Toys Author: LonesomeWolf, Source: sexstories.com
  2. the holiday gets better

    6/25/2020: I had found a mans club on the net in the city near us, so I told Sue I was going to head of there today and let her and Chris play alone if she wanted, so around 11am, I set of to find the club and have fun, Sue was also keen to meet Chris. I got there as the doors were opened, so quickly got undressed and put the towel around me and looked around, several rooms looked interesting, the group read Sex Story
    Categories: Diary , Anal Ass to Mouth Ass to pussy, Bestiality Bisexual Group Sex Author: biguy181, Source: sexstories.com
  3. Fantasy Realized

    6/24/2020: FANTASY REALIZED She was in pain. She deserved it. She had been foolish, her desires had fogged her common sense and lead her to acting impulsively. She had met him online and even though from the start her instincts told her he could be dangerous but when he described how he would use her he excited her masochistic desire and she could not resist the temptation. So she had gone to where he had read Sex Story
    Categories: Fiction / Fantasy BDSM Bestiality Extreme, Humiliation Author: Fantasypixiesub, Source: sexstories.com
  4. Show and tell in Ms. Fitch's class.

    6/20/2020: Ms. Fitch had reinstituted show and tell in her class on Fridays. Mike had brought in his best friend his large German shepherd named Boner. Boner lay quietly waiting for his turn to be presented to the class. Mike sat admiring Ms. Fitch who was seated on her desk listening to her students. Today she was wearing a pair of black low heeled shoes , dark silky nylon thigh high stockings , a black read Sex Story
    Categories: Fiction / Fantasy Anal Bestiality BDSM Humiliation Job / Office Sex Non-consensual Sex Teen Spanking Author: Bear66, Source: sexstories.com
  5. My dark fantasy .chapter 1

    6/18/2020: My Darkest fetish Are story starts with a horny slut of a sub who would do anything to fill his arse to the limit and anything to amuse the Mistress he visited . This Mistress loved to see him used and degraded beyond belief for her amusmit and at hart were a deeply sadistic person that revelled in abuseing and destroying her willing playthings . She had slowly imposed her wishes on this read Sex Story
    Categories: Fiction / Fantasy Anal BDSM Bestiality Extreme, Humiliation Author: shitface1991, Source: sexstories.com
  6. Jessica's Story: The Kidnapping Pt3

    6/8/2020: Jessica's View Of the Kidnapping Supper began normally. I had laid the table after I had finished my homework, placing out knives, forks, spoons and table mats. Misty called everyone to the table. Tonight we were having my favorite, Sloppy Joes. I poured a glass of cider for Jan, and milk for myself and Misty and sat waiting. Jan wheeled herself up to her position at the head of the read Sex Story
    Categories: True Stories BDSM Bestiality Consensual Sex Written by Women Author: Misty_Tiratzo, Source: sexstories.com
  7. Stephanie - Just When Things Turned Around Pt. 4

    6/7/2020: Stephanie walked into the kennel, still reeling from the fucking Bob, the dog, and his new client gave her. She was amazed that after her thorough plugging that she was actually horny for what she was about to do. She walked to one of the pens where one of her more aggressive canine lovers was housed and grabbed him by the collar and led him into a pen with another dog. Once inside, she got on read Sex Story
    Categories: Fiction / Fantasy Anal Ass to Mouth Bestiality Black, Consensual Sex Prostitution, Author: morg1284, Source: sexstories.com
  8. Conquest of Elysium Chapter 07

    6/6/2020: Chapter 07 - - A warning to readers. - - This story features the themes of sexual slavery, bestiality, among with others that are not always liked by many individuals. If these are not things you wish to read about leave now so your not offended by the above mentioned contents of this story do not continue reading. Farther more don't fill up the comments section with ones like read Sex Story
    Categories: Fiction / Fantasy Bestiality Body modification, BDSM Voyeur / Exhibitionism Non-consensual Sex Prostitution, Rape / Violence / Cruelty Slavery, Author: Hellcat41979, Source: sexstories.com
  9. Max gets some

    6/3/2020: It had been a long day for Christie. Not only did she have to run her kids all around, she also got stuck watching her sister in law's dog. She didn't hate pets, but she didn't love them either. She never had a dog or cat growing up and had never had one since. This dog became a change in her life though. Christie had seen the dog several times when the family would go over to her sister in read Sex Story
    Categories: Fiction / Fantasy Bestiality Author: shep87, Source: sexstories.com
  10. Step Daughters' Desire chapter 8

    6/1/2020: Step Daughters' Desire chapter 8 Frank and Diann spend a weekend as Master/slave which results in Master Frank taking on the responsibilities for a third slave. Master Frank is very happy as is his three slaves consisting of his wife and two step daughters. He has one last decision to deal with. Frank thought. “I want a morning piece of my new slaves ass but I have a meeting with our largest read Sex Story
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