1. Mark and Kerry and me make a happy three

    7/9/2020: I host a party weekend in Chicago every year for some friends, both local and out-of-towners. Sometimes, friends of friends tag along when they hear tales of the fun we have. A buddy of mine from New York, Terry, has been coming in for the party for years and a few years ago he brought his friend Mark, who brought his girlfriend Kerry. Mark had been to the weekend a few times, but was always stag read Sex Story
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  2. Rachel's Shaved Pussy, No. Five

    7/1/2020: With the swathe Kirsty and I were cutting through the school, fucking like rabbits with a significant minority of the entire student body (male and female) plus a teacher or two, it was only a matter of time before we got the attention of authority. With practice, we were pretty proficient in keeping news contained from the inexperienced kids around us, but teachers have seen it all before and read Sex Story
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  3. Mind Controlled Mothers Club Chapter 6: Mommy-Slut Orgy

    7/1/2020: Mind Controlled Mothers Club A Story of the Institute of Apotheosis Research Chapter Six: Mommy-Slut Orgy By mypenname3000 Copyright 2018 Note: Thanks to wrc264 for beta reading this! Chae-Won “Cherry” Kang – Virgo It was a strange for me to be excited to be at college once my classes were over for the day. Normally, I liked to get home as soon as I could so I could masturbate read Sex Story
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  4. the holiday gets better

    6/25/2020: I had found a mans club on the net in the city near us, so I told Sue I was going to head of there today and let her and Chris play alone if she wanted, so around 11am, I set of to find the club and have fun, Sue was also keen to meet Chris. I got there as the doors were opened, so quickly got undressed and put the towel around me and looked around, several rooms looked interesting, the group read Sex Story
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  5. The Trucker's Load

    6/16/2020: Walking along the road on a cold winter night in Wisconsin, cars passed by honking their horns. Shivering cold, I didn’t know how much longer I could go. I didn’t know where I was going, didn’t really have a place to go. I just knew I couldn’t stay there any longer. I had no money, no phone, just the clothes on my back. My hands and feet were beginning to feel numb as I trekked through the snow read Sex Story
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  6. Debauchery: The Invitation pt. 2

    6/16/2020: ~Chapter 6~ I walked into my house around four in the morning. I turned my phone on, while getting ready for work. It chimed with a text message. ‘Sorry, my phone died.’ Courtney texted me. I laughed when I realized that not only did he not answer my text about the hotel, but that his phone conveniently died mid-conversation. I tried calling Courtney, he didn’t answer. “Good morning read Sex Story
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  7. Quote the Raven

    6/10/2020: My story starts off like this… My ex leaves me with my infant daughter Raven… My beautiful Raven is now 18 years old with long jet-black hair and is a tad on the bigger side... Not obese by any means but still she is carrying quite a bit of weight. One this she does that proves that she has me wrapped around her little finger is what she looks at me and says "please daddy" it gets me every time. I read Sex Story
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  8. Stephanie - Just When Things Turned Around Pt. 4

    6/7/2020: Stephanie walked into the kennel, still reeling from the fucking Bob, the dog, and his new client gave her. She was amazed that after her thorough plugging that she was actually horny for what she was about to do. She walked to one of the pens where one of her more aggressive canine lovers was housed and grabbed him by the collar and led him into a pen with another dog. Once inside, she got on read Sex Story
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  9. The Vampire Kiss Chapter Fourteen: Passion's Trap

    6/6/2020: The Vampire's Kiss Chapter 14: Passion's Trap by mypenname3000 Copyright 2016 The scent of feminine lust filled the SUV as Damien D'Angelo drove it through the streets of Chicago, the impending violence exciting Abigail and their women. Abigail sat beside him clad only in her red hair, thighs glistening, eyes dilated, cheeks pale, nipples hard. In her hand she cradled her 9mm automatic read Sex Story
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  10. The Devil's Pact Side-Story: The D&D Game

    6/6/2020: The Devil's Pact by mypenname3000 Copyright 2013 The Devil's Pact Side Story: The D&D Group Come visit my blog at www.mypenname3000.com Note: This takes place after Chapter 17 when Mary goes out with Diane. Takes place at the same time as Mary and Diane Go Clubbing. I left Quatch making out with Willow and headed to answer the door. Tonight, I was going to play D&D with the same read Sex Story
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