1. Phone Call To the Nurse

    7/13/2020: Well if you have read my other to blogs or stories you will see where this is leading. Well I made the phone call to my nurse I had in the hospital, well lets get this straight, my wife and I had her. So my wife really enjoyed sucking on the young nurse breast and tasting her milk and I enjoyed watching it all take place. We like my wife told me to make it happen and for me to call the nurse up and arrange it. Well I made the call I think the nurse was waiting on the call. As she answered the phone with a nervousness in her voice, “Ah hellooo”? My reply was “Hey guess who your favorite patient read Sex Story
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  2. I Fucked Another Girl Cause My GF Thought I Should

    7/13/2020: So me and my bitch (oops, I mean ex gf) were having a bit of a fight. Apparently, it’s not cool to cum all over her while she’s sleeping and put the pics up the internet. Who knew. She was pretty mad and she cut me off of sex for a few days. Then suddenly, she stood in front of my door, next to an adorably cute blonde girl, whom I had never seen in my life. My ex, Jaimee, stepped through the read Sex Story
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  3. Success Story

    7/12/2020: Success Story By: Londebaaz Chohan Sometimes in spite of all the good things around the results are not very desired ones. A case and point. The ripe age of close to 20, youthful, healthy, sexy, horny, alone in the apartment but Edward was still bored this evening. Ed always posed to be completely straight and acted as too but deep down, he knew, he was at least bi if not to be a gay. He had fucked quite a good number of women, had long term relationship with at least 3 girls and also had a few gay hook ups when the situations were in his favor. Suddenly he thought, there was nothing read Sex Story
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  4. My First Time Seeded

    7/12/2020: That summer in 1975 I had discovered my Dads Porno stash. Three super 8 reels of hardcore sex. I had viewed them over and over and I knew every frame of intense pleasurable raw sex. They were made by Swedish Erotica, no sound but I knew what they was saying. I had seen some Playboys and Penthouse photos, but nothing like this. I knew I had to share it.... School had just started back and I was coming in contact with friends I hadn’t seen since last time at school. David just turned 13 and was a good friend and I knew I could trust him with this sexual discovery. I had invited him home after s read Sex Story
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  5. The Beginning of the Domination of Randi ch 7

    7/11/2020: Chapter Seven: Randi loses her anal virginity Randi felt movement on the bed and awoke from her nap. She found she was in bed alone as the movement was Sophia getting up to leave. Looking at the clock on the nightstand she saw they had slept about two hours. She sat up and watched Sophia get dressed. “I wish you did not have to go. I enjoyed our time together.” "Don't worry Kitten, we read Sex Story
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  6. The Young Stud

    7/11/2020: I had first met the guy in a local public toilet. He had been playing with himself at the urinals when I entered and I obviously surprised him. He looked very embarrassed and quickly left. I was a little pissed as he looked hot. Anyway I went into the end cubicle which had a glory hole and waited for some action. After about a minute of wanking myself I heard someone enter the next cubicle and took a peek. It was an older guy late fifties and I pushed a note under the partition which simply said "I need some cock". The response came in the form of him pushing his cock through the hole and I to read Sex Story
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  7. The Knight and the Acolyte Book 5, Chapter 4: Halfling's Nubile Harem

    7/10/2020: The Knight and the Acolyte Book 5: The Vault's Treasure Chapter Four: Halfling's Nubile Harem By mypenname3000 Copyright 2016 Note: Thanks to B0b for beta reading this. Xerathalasia – Road to Yevix, Magery of Thosi I crested the hill and smiled at the thick, blue river widening across the broad, flat plain. It was far thicker than the Ichir River we had ridden past for the read Sex Story
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  8. 3rd date

    7/10/2020: 3rd date Sam was on his way round to pick up Lucy for there 3rd date. The two before had been a lot of fun but left Lucy wondering, by now most men had already been deep inside her and had there slink over her tits. Lucy was a loose slut and liked to be the one telling them what to do, but Sam was different she didn’t have that control and it was exciting her in a very different way then ever before. Sam walked up to the door and only just taped the door as she swung it open, she had been waiting for him, she was ready hours ago with anticipation. This hadn’t help her loose cunt as it was s read Sex Story
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  9. Shadows of Fright: The Grinning Man

    7/9/2020: Shadows of Fright: The Grinning Man. Meadow shut the door. Feeling a bit ashamed. She didn't like closing the door on strangers in need. Especially in the rain. However she had a wretching gut feeling on this particular stranger. She removed her circular glasses for a moment and rubbing her eyes delicately. A low rumble of thunder rolled outside. "Babe, who was that?" her boyfriend read Sex Story
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  10. Erotic Escort Experience With A Rich Indian Woman

    7/9/2020: I am a tall, handsome and very very sarcastic, 6 feet 5, fit body and have a serious look on my face most of the time. I have been living here since 1999, completed all my education here and went to another city in southern India for work. I worked for 4 years and saved a little money. I got back to the city in May 2019 for h read Sex Story
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