1. Sleeping Beauties Ch. 02

    1/25/2021: Chapter Two - She Devil Penelope Bishop and Randy Cody had married not long after the shootout at a meth lab where Penelope had shot the Chief of Police and Randy had shot another police officer. The Chief of Police, other senior police officers and several criminals were involved in a conspiracy and had been defrauding the Police Benevolent Fund as had the Mayor who was later arrested and read Sex Story
    Categories: Trans Author: byMicheleNylons, Source: Literotica
  2. My Wife Turns Pro

    1/25/2021: When the phone rang at our house on Sunday afternoon my wife, Cindy, was out shopping. It was our old friend Leroy, calling from L.A. Leroy worked as a trainer with several NFL and NBA teams, and was frequently on the road. We chatted about the upcoming game until Leroy came to the point. "Hey Bill, it's been a long time since we all got together. I sure would like to see you and your pretty wife again. So would half the players on this team." He chuckled. "We sure had a great time in St. Louis last year." Cindy and I had met Leroy at a beautiful downtown hotel in St. Louis the year before read Sex Story
    Categories: Fetish Interracial Voyeur / Exhibitionism Author: 425olds, Source: xHamster
  3. Our Femdom Valentine

    1/25/2021: Author's Introduction: The title pretty much sums it up. But since there are different flavors of Femdom, I will tell you up front so no one is disappointed, this one is based on "gentle femdom" style. I will also tell you it's a slow build structure, and longer than I intended. If you're more into quick descriptive stories, I understand. But if you enjoy the 'why' as well as the 'what' in read Sex Story
    Categories: Fetish Author: byyukonnights, Source: Literotica
  4. Please Release Me

    1/25/2021: I let him do it. I let him touch my cock. I suppose I gave in for my cravings to want to cum no matter what the cost even though I had no desire for him any person of my sex whatsoever. I laid on my back and let him have his way with me. It’s not like he was a stranger. He began gently stroking me. Long, soft strokes with the tip of his finger up and down my shaft. It seemed very surreal that read Sex Story
    Categories: Fiction / Fantasy Author: r543d, Source: sexstories.com
  5. A Date to Remember

    1/25/2021: With smoky eye shadow and dark eyeliner, I could not avert my gaze. Her vampish crimson lips looked so full and pouting. With coiffured long trestles of flaxen blonde hair, Brigitte had gone all out tonight. I could not believe I was the lucky soul sat in front of her. It was spur of the moment, she asked me and I easily accepted. I poured out another glass of wine for us both. With a bat read Sex Story
    Categories: Flash Straight Sex, Author: TheTravellingMan, Source: LushStories
  6. Aunt meg pt 5 Return of the Prune

    1/25/2021: Aunt Meg pt 5 Return of the Prune I awoke to my bed bouncing and a hand grasping Wee Willie. Before I could move, a nipple was jammed into my mouth. Oh well who was I to complain. I felt something warm and delightful moving down my cock it was grasping and releasing and moving downward to do it again. Then it hit bottom and began to grind. The delicious nipple was yanked from my mouth only read Sex Story
    Categories: Fiction / Fantasy Consensual Sex Mature / Older Pregnant, Teen Author: Wolfen1, Source: sexstories.com
  7. Couple's picnic

    1/25/2021: Tim and I had been friends since high school. As the years pasted, we both married and divorced. Tim remarried a lovely lady named Linda and I, having divorced much later never remarried. We planned a picnic at a remote park along side a mountain. Nice place and well kept but rarely used during the week so we all agreed it would be a hump day afternoon. Little did I realize it would be taken literally. Each of us brought something to share. I brought wine and beer, Tim and Linda brought samwich stuff and Betty brought finger food. I also brought a deck of cards as we all enjoyed poker games read Sex Story
    Categories: Mature / Older Group Sex First Time Author: golfer1950, Source: xHamster
  8. Oh, For The Love Of English!

    1/25/2021: He smiled at me across our English class. We knew each other, but we weren't really 'friends.' I glanced back and allowed a soft smile to pass my lips. "Choose partners for the next project," our sexy teacher, Mr. John said. He was 23, and looked WAY too young to be a High School English teacher. His chisled features. Strong jaw, that was barely covered in a fine, cleanly shaven bit of hair read Sex Story
    Categories: Fiction / Fantasy Anal Oral Sex / Blowjob Boy, Teen Cum Swallowing Gay Written by Women Author: Anonymous697, Source: sexstories.com
  9. Visiting an adult book store before leaving town

    1/25/2021: The company would send me away from town in a quick business trip. My beloved hubby had been also far from home since a couple days ago; so I was very aroused on those last days. Victor had not fucked me for two weeks. I was really horny as hell… I had a flight to catch at midnight and I had plenty time for a nice dinner. And I had been plenty time all the day thinking about a hard dick… My trip would be quick; so I would drive to the airport, to leave my car parked there. On the way, there was a sordid adult book store that I loved so much. After finishing dinner, I packed my last stuff and h read Sex Story
    Categories: Anal Mature / Older Gay Author: Anitaslut44, Source: xHamster
  10. The neighbor's dog

    1/25/2021: It had been a long month for Christie. After her experience with Max, her whole life seemed to change and yet no one knew. Every night she went to bed, she thought about how much she had enjoyed the sexual pleasure that dog had given her. Not being able to tell anyone was driving her nuts. Even more, she has not been able to follow up on it as Max was back with her sister in law. Christie had read Sex Story
    Categories: Fiction / Fantasy Bestiality Author: shep87, Source: sexstories.com