1. 07 - The Chico Tales

    1/19/2018: Michelle had slept most of the way from New York down to Jamica, tired from both her physical exertions of being anally fucked by a dog yesterday and the mental exhaustion from the tension that had built up leading up to the final test to be accepted into the DS club. Just before she fell asleep Michelle whispered to Julie, "So has everyone been though the same thing?" "Yes," purred Julie, read Sex Story
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    1/19/2018: MY SEXUAL AUTOBIOGRAPHY PART - 44 NAUGHTY NEETA, MY LESBO LOVE The time was somewhere in the end of April 2012. I was in Delhi with my husband and my new born son. My sex life after my delivery was again on the peak, as written by me in my last story. I was receiving good, hard and regular fuck from my husband's hard, strong, long and thick cock in to my silky pussy. He also fucks my ass, read Sex Story
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  3. Non-Stop Service Part 7

    1/19/2018: Sydnee was sitting beside me on the bed. I sat up and looked at her squarely in the eyes. I could see the love and lust in her eyes. Syd just wrapped her arms around me and squeezed me really hard. “I was afraid I lost you. After you left, I sat there in a daze and figured you weren’t coming back. I was going to have to pick up and start over again. I had hoped that we hadn’t scared you read Sex Story
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  4. Eve Walks in the Garden and Talks

    1/19/2018: Eve Walks to the Garden It was a warm summer evening with a reddening sky as John escorted Eve out the front door of the Foshay Hotel. John had saved her from embarrassing both of them. It was a short walk to a green oasis south of the hotel. Not a garden by any means but it had grass, trees, and benches. Eve clung to John’s arm for stability. Eve was unstable and she was angry. John read Sex Story
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  5. Waiting for the balls to drop (part 1)

    1/19/2018: December 31 4:45 PM: “Honey, we can’t cancel the party! It’s too late to call the caterers! It’s too late to call 50 people!” blurts out the distraught Christine. “Well, I’m not going to be there,” replies her husband’s voice at the other end of the phone. “We’re having a blizzard here. At first they delayed my flight, but now they just cancelled it and nothing’s getting out of here for at read Sex Story
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  6. Meri Bdsm Ki Fantasy Part – 3

    1/19/2018: Hi guys, I’m Manish this is the third part of my sex story.I am really overjoyed by the feedbacks that I had got from you guys on my previous chapters, so if you guys had not yet read my previous ones, I’ll advise you to read those, so that you can enjoy this part. Let me give you guys a quick recap of the last part. I had cross-dressing, BDSM and women domination fantasies, and used to jerk off my small 4” penis. One day my wife Koel came to know about this. Unusually she accepted it and promised me help. She made me realize the actual meaning of BDSM, including mutual satisfaction, claw, and read Sex Story
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  7. Chores for the neighbor

    1/19/2018: My name is Lori Samuels, I am thirty four years old. Married these past ten years to my wonderful husband Marty. I’m 5’ 6” about 135 pounds. I think I in fairly good shape with full 34 C breasts that I like to show off. For the first three years of our marriage Marti and I tried to have a child but failed. We found out that I had cysts on my ovaries that would prevent me from having children read Sex Story
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  8. Super Bowl Fantasy

    1/19/2018: Tristaca Lockett grabbed her white-pink-and-teal monogrammed lunch bag from the breakroom refrigerator. The registered nurse was in a rush to leave the pediatrician’s office where she worked. Her oldest son, TJ, had a basketball game this evening. She rushed to her crimson 2016 Buick Enclave. She arrived at the start of the second quarter. She spotted her husband and other two c***dren and went to sit with them. TJ was on the court playing some pretty decent defense.. She cheered for her baby and jeered the referees. At the conclusion of the game, she decided to go home. Her husband, Terrance read Sex Story
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  9. I Want to Suck Your Cock

    1/19/2018: Shut up, stand here and get ready. That's right, behind the desk. I want to suck your cock. Quick, before anybody comes in! It's frosted glass between here and reception, but still... Opening my shirt, I wriggle, taking off my bra to let my tits swing free. They wobble as I hitch up my skirt and pull down my knickers to kick them off. Bending over so you can see my big, round ass, you watch read Sex Story
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  10. New Experience As A Sex-Slave

    1/19/2018: My studies were over and being an engineer I was doing one thing which is common among us that is finding a job. So basically I was home and finding something for me to entertain and kill my time. My parents decided to keep me busy by giving our other house key to me. I had to find a family for rent and make some income. For read Sex Story
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