1. The Letter

    Date: 1/13/2021, Categories: Incest / Taboo Author: bydarktigerroar, Source: Literotica

    Julia laid on her bed, fingers trembling in a fury, chest rumbling without relent as she struggled to hold her pen to the paper. A tug-o-war raged inwardly with one side telling her she was out of her mind for what she contemplated. The other side believed she would be relieved to do what she considered and she had a chance to be with the woman that filled her dreams.
    Asking a guy out was one thing. Asking out another woman was something different especially when it wasn't clear the object of your desire liked girls
    you. That woman being an older sister was another level of insanity.
    Julia thought writing her feelings about Cindy on paper would make it easier but it served to increase the madness between her ears.
    Who has deep romantic feelings for a family member, a sibling no less? The audio in Julia's mind continued to play in what seemed to be an endless loop.
    You're disgusting and sinful for entertaining this! What's wrong with you? Do you need mental health treatment? No, wait. Is it because you've been single for almost a year? Yeah, that has to be it.
    It wasn't. True, she hadn't dated since she began her freshman year. Julia and her high school sweetheart wound up going to different colleges hundreds of miles apart. Their long distance relationship lasted all of a few weeks after their university lives began and Julia was too buried beneath the pressures of her new life to so much as think about being with anyone else.
    No one except her own sister...
    Her dating drought could not strengthen a desire for Cindy that already existed.
    Since they knew of each other's existences, when someone saw one sister, the other was there or not far away. Cindy was there when Julia fell from her bicycle with an arm of comfort and Band-Aids. They shared their silly secrets about what guys they liked and discussed the latest dating gossip around school. The girls tested each other's love interests and dating them would not happen without the opposite sister's approval. They would take the blame when the other got into trouble as the image of their punishment brought crushing despair. Not least of all, Cindy turned heads and caused double and triple takes from both genders. Her time on the school volleyball team only helped to do wonders for her figure. What was not to love?
    Julia watched a mental slideshow of her and Cindy engaged in a kiss that burned their lips while snuggled in each other's arms. Julia snapped back to reality, breaths pumping in excitement, but inside a concoction of fear and future regret if she revealed her secret to Cindy's disdain.
    Julia hollered and banged her head on the comforter. She was back at her parents' home for the summer and Cindy was on her way from university to join them. Due to arrive any moment, the walls of time closed in and ticked down for Julia decide how to finish her letter to Cindy. She dug her nails into her temples and grunted. When all creativity scattered from her ...