1. Pretty Shiny 2:Home

    Date: 1/13/2021, Categories: BDSM Author: sprite, Source: LushStories

    Despite the lack of vision, the floors below had felt familiar and, in a strange sense, even comfortable. The journey to the uppermost floor, however, proved unsettling, despite her willingness to undertake it. Accompanied by a quartet she knew nothing about, with obvious designs upon her body, for the first time she wondered at the wisdom of her choice. Green tag girl gets in over her head she mused with the ghost of a frown. She had her safe word, of course, should events push her, not just to her limits, but past, but using it would somehow tarnish the evening for her and, she guessed, her ‘captors’ as well.
    With each step she felt an almost palpable physical change, akin to a charge in the atmosphere. The mood of the lower floors had been full of the heat. You could almost feel the sexual tensions as well as the pure joy of shedding conventions and reveling in private passions and hungers kept secret from the outside world. There, too, there had been anonymity and safety. Olivia had been but one woman in a sea of beautiful depravity. That had changed. She had become the focus and she felt it keenly.
    She let herself be guided up the stairs blindly, her remaining sense sharper for it. Behind her, familiar music faded, replaced by what she could only describe as darkly sinister industrial music, pitched at an ambient volume level. It was unsettling in its quiet intensity.
    “First visit?” Daniel asked, although the question seemed rhetorical.
    “Yes,” she replied, blushing, not oblivious to the knowledge that she was alone in that.
    “Don’t worry. We’ll take good care of you,” the voice she had assigned to Jess assured her; slightly higher than Eva’s smoldering sensual pitch, and sharper.
    For that, she had no answer.
    They paused at the top. It was cooler up here. She could feel the kiss of the air conditioning expel the rising heat from the party below against her skin tight second skin. A shiver, born more of nerves flittered through her. Taking a deep breath, she quelled it, eyes closed behind the leather blindfold as she attempted the impossible; to relax.
    A new voice, polite but authoritative, posing questions. The image of a dark cloud seeped into her mind, and a fire rimmed gate, Lucifer rather than St. Peter standing before it. Vaguely she realized he was discussing the rules of conduct and demeanor, some obvious, some eye opening, such as a firm restriction on bloodletting and fecal matter, something she’d never even contemplated in her fantasies. There was a warmth in his voice, giving her the impression that Daniel and his companions were familiar to him.
    They passed both interrogation and inspection without issue and, the sound of sin teased her ears, presumably expelled from the now open portal.
    “The Lion’s den,” she murmured. And accompanied by Daniel. Shrugging off momentary misgivings, she let the thought comfort her as she was goaded into the unknown, her heels sinking slightly into the carpet, muting her ...