1. greedy girls night [part 4]

    Date: 1/13/2021, Categories: Lesbian Hardcore, Gay Author: bluegrassboy, Source: xHamster

    We decided to go out for a curry to save cooking & i brought up the appointment Shirl had the next morn, so over the meal we discussed the design Leslie said a heart , Martin came up with a queen of spades & i said a butterfly or a snake looking like it is coming out of her pussy up to her belly button, we decided to ask at the salon but it was a toss up between the three, we finished our meal after drinking too much & got a taxi home, Shirl then called Brad about meeting up again, he said he wanted them to be alone so he didnt have to hold back & really show her what a BIG black cock can do she asked me in front of our friends , knowing that look in her eyes i knew she really wanted him & needed me to say yes, which i did even knowing that i would become a real cuckold , i just wanted her to be happy and i heard her telling him i was OK about it & him saying he would txt her where very soon.
    I was beginning to think have i done the right thing & spoke to Leslie about it after our spouses left for the salon the next day leaving us alone sunning ourselves naked in the garden, she said that if i really wanted her to be happy & depending on how i thought about being a cuck then we should go ahead, i explained that i loved it when i was there to clean up after & be on had if she needed help but this was taking it further, she could see that this excited me as i was now hard after talking about it, anyway she said i could be with her & Martin fucking & being fucked when she was with Brad, i was leaking precum by now & i could see her pussy glistening so i said i would get us some drinks, i didnt wipe the cum off as was feeling so horny returning with 2 glasses of wine it was dribbling, she just smiled as she spotted it & licked her lips saying how lucky Shirley was having such a loving partner. we laid back on our sunbeds , i really wanted to wank but resisted, i just didnt want to spoil our friendship even tho we had done most things but always wit our partners present or nearby, Our spouses got back about 2pm & came out to join us in the garden by which time we were glowing after being in the private suntrap in the corner of their garden , Martin just stripped off, Shirley who i had told not to wear any panties this week kept her skirt on, till Leslie & I both wanted to see what she had decided as Martin had been with her as she had it done so knew what was hidden, she loosened her skirt letting it fall & we saw that she had decided on Martin`s choice it was a blank queen of spades with a bit of shading over the top of the bright purple love bite which would eventually fade then she could decide if she wanted it coloured in, i gazed at it thinking to myself it looked great on her smooth shaven pussy, but at the back of my mind i thought it was all about a night she passed without me feeling a bit jealous too late now this was a permanent reminder for us both.
    About 4pm we all went in after deciding to go out for a meal we went upstairs for a ...