1. mature lady's golden nectar

    Date: 1/13/2021, Categories: Fetish Mature / Older Incest / Taboo Author: odyssey13, Source: xHamster

    this story is not mine
    Susan O'Malley loved the beach, the relaxed setting, the sun. And it was a great place for the sexy older gal to sit with a cooler full of cold chardonnay and get hammered. Susan loved her chardonnay on the beach.
    She was a silver-haired beauty of 65, slender build but strong from years of exercising, big brown eyes, an impressive chest that had given away somewhat to a saggy crease of wrinkles and tanned skin dipping into her cleavage, slim in the hips and long in the legs, firm beneath the usual folds of aging, soft flesh. She was a grandmotherly sort with an unusually sexy look.
    She was sitting at the far end of her town's beach one late Sunday afternoon when most of the screaming hordes of c***dren had left, blessedly alone for the most part. She liked to sit by a fence separating the town beach from a palatial private home next to it, a second summer home for rich, part-time out-of-towners. And it was an easy walk around it for Susan when, after a long afternoon of imbibing, she needed to relieve herself, which she did often, pulling aside the crotch of her modest one-piece floral bathing suit with the little "Old lady" skirt around the waist, peeing on a small patch of grass there.
    She had just done that when she came back and sat down, and watched a handsome young man she recognized as the grandson of a good friend of hers, come down to the water, strip down to a very skimpy swim suit, and dive in the inviting waters. They made eye contact, and she shot him a wave, and he shyly waved back, recognizing her as well. She hadn't seen him in years and marveled at how well developed he was, a classic, smooth swimmer's body owing to his prowess on his college swim team.
    "Mmmm, he's filled out," she cooed to herself, watching him knife through the water. "In many ways..."
    She felt her pussy tingle. She loved young men, taking them whenever possible and that was not as often as she'd like. She watched and waited, and when the young stud, Brett Hannigan, finally emerged from the water, his blonde hair slicked back, his body glistening and taut, she waved him over. He smiled, and toweled off as he approached, then sat in a chair he'd brought along.
    "Hi, Mrs. M., long time, no see!" he said brightly, Susan eyeing his thick package from behind her dark shades.
    "Yes, indeed," she smiled back, leaning over to let the surprised boy give her a peck on her puckered cheek, making him jump as she placed a warm hand high up on his hard, wet thigh to do it. "Too long. You've gone and grown up, Brett, you look marvelous."
    They chatted for 15 minutes or so, catching up on family and friends and college and girls, Susan sitting back, facing front, feeling the young man's gaze upon her when he thought she wasn't looking.
    "Ah, this is the life," she sighed, spreading her meaty thighs slightly, feeling her little skirt blow up and exposing her crotch, where she knew silvery pubic hairs blossomed from the sides of ...