1. Enjoying His Daughters . . . Episode Two

    Date: 1/13/2021, Categories: Fiction / Fantasy Consensual Sex Incest / Taboo Teen Oral Sex / Blowjob Author: stifflittlepoints, Source: sexstories.com

    Testing Laura For Experience
    Laura was Jerry's 17-year-old daughter and of course Mindy's sister. Once she entered her teenage years, she began to be more distant than in the past. Her room became an institution that only she could enter. Jerry and his wife accepted the change of behavior, because they too did the same thing when they became her age. But now that Jerry became aware (Read Episode One for more details) that Laura was not the chaste, naive girl he thought she was, it opened up his curiosity.
    During the episode that had just finished, Mindy had shared Laura's password with him and showed him some of the files she discovered days before on her sister's hard drive. Having just taken a warm shower, he elected to lock himself in the den and look further on the computer for more incriminating evidence. Who knows . . . maybe it could be used, to get him much closer to his sprouting teenage daughter and her developing young body.
    He heard the back door close and knew she was back from cheer leading practice. He decided to meet her with a leading question and check out her naughty computer files later. He opened the den door and caught her just as she was heading upstairs.
    "How was practice honey?" He looked at her breasts that had suddenly grown to the size of ripe oranges inside her Nike sweat top.
    "Great, but Mrs. Hampton really worked us hard. I am so hot." Almost on cue Laura unzipped her jacket and lifted it off her shoulders. Jerry was treated to the sight of his daughter's white sports bra underneath. She dropped the garment on the banister.
    "Do they allow you to work out in a top like that?"
    "Daddy, get a grip! It's a new century. There's nothing wrong with working out in a sports bra. I mean whose there to get excited anyway? . . . We're all 17-year-old girls for Pete's sake!" Her blue eyes were gleaming with sudden rage.
    "Hold on now . . . I didn't say I disagreed . . . it's just a lot different than when your mom and I went to school." With her top off, her thinly clad breasts mesmerized him. They were positioned high on her chest and beautifully shaped. Because of her sudden emotion, he even noticed the slightest hint of her growing nipples . . . which were inviting, just like her sisters had been minutes earlier.
    Having just felt Mindy's little buds in between his thumb and fingers, he wondered what game he would play to fondle and maybe suck Laura's breasts. He sized them up and wondered whether they were still small enough to be sucked into his mouth and tormented by his thrashing tongue.
    "Sorry Daddy, it's just that mom always comments on what I wear. I'm not the only girl that works out in an outfit like this you know."
    "But you're probably the one that looks the hottest, in that outfit!"
    "Daddy, what are you saying!" Laura immediately blushed at his flirtatious remark. "I'm glad mom's not here, she would have a fit." Jerry had put on a T-shirt and a pair of running shorts. His cock was ...