1. Best Friend Marlee Makes A Move

    Date: 1/13/2021, Categories: First Time Lesbian Incest / Taboo Author: girlgirlexperiment, Source: xHamster

    "Oh my godddd..." I said as I watched my best friend Marlee's head bob gently up and down between my legs, the ribbons in our school colors dangling from her pony tail. "Does it taste ok?"
    She barely looked up at me with a grin, "Delicious." Her chin glistened slightly and I realized it was my juices on her. It was so incredibblllyyyyy hotttt.
    We've been pals forever. A few weeks ago we realized we both had curiosity about sex with girls. We like boys, but there was just something sexy and erotic about a girls body. The more we talked about it, the more the idea of trying something with her grew in my mind. But, I was super nervous to bring it up. Here alone at my house after school, it was Marlee who finally said, "We could try it with each other, you know. I mean, unless it would weird you out."
    I was suddenly breathless. "It's all I can think about." The words seemed to choke in my throat.
    "Oh my god, you're so turned on..." she grinned. "So, how about right now?"
    I could only nod at her. I don't even remember her putting her hand on my breast. It was just there, her fingers finding the outline of my pierced nipples though my dress. My heart was pounding in my ears as she found the zipper at the front of my dress and watched my expression while she slowly pulled it down. I wasn't wearing a bra, so I felt the cool air of the game room on my bare chest, sending a tingle up and down my body.
    "I like them," she said softly as she ran her fingers across my sensitive skin.
    "You've seen them before," I reminded her.
    "Mmm yeah, but not like this," she said, her head falling with mouth open until I felt the wet warmth of her tongue swirling over my nipple, sucking gently. Her hand found its way up under my dress, playing with the fabric of my panties. I squirmed a little when she brushed my labia. "Is that ok?" She asked.
    "Uh-huh, just getting used to the idea still..."
    "Didn't see this coming today?" She smiled. I couldn't help smiling back. A gasp interrupted my smile as her fingertips passed over my clit. Even through my panties the feeling was intense. I let my legs spread wider for her. I wanted her to touch me more.
    She unzipped my completely, my dress falling open on either side. Settling in close to my vagina, she massaged me through my panties for a minute. My breathing was uneven as I watched her fascinated by the situation. I have been with a guy before but it didn't feel like this. The way she touched me was like she knew exactly what my body wanted. Her fingers glided up and down across my tummy, then inside my thighs. My pussy was throbbing by the time she put her thumbs under the elastic of my panties and pulled them off. My clit stood up towards her. She looked at me for a second, then played with the folds of skin, parting my labia and blowing softly on my moist pussy. I let out a sigh. Her thumbs massaged the outer folds, pressing a layer of lube out of me until I was slippery and warm as she began to ...