1. The Other Me part1

    Date: 1/16/2018, Categories: Fiction / Fantasy Cheating Consensual Sex Group Sex Teen Author: J.E.B, Source: sexstories.com

    Chapter I
    Primitive Desires
    I was watching the sunset. It was something pretty special in the line of Nairobi sunsets and it made me feel swell. The pitch was in the flatland between The E block and the Administration block, and I could smell the exhausted unleaded petrol from vehicles in the busy Haile Selassie Avenue. It’s something I’m going to miss since some show off middle class people are selling everything just to buy electrical vehicles.
    I was standing alone, off to one side of D block in the Campus. The usual noises of students from the lectures were being made behind me, and the promo sell gang was pinning the last of the tents down tight. But I wasn’t thinking about Miriam’s beauty; the Beauty of Miriam the Heart Breaker.
    I was remembering Mimah Mohammed contesting for Miss Campus in the main Hall two weeks ago to the promiscuous judges and students. I was wondering where Miriam had gone, taking my dreams with her, because now I could hardly remember what they were.
    Somebody said sensitively from behind me, “Bwire?”
    I quit thinking about Miriam. It was that kind of a voice-sweet, silky, guaranteed to make you forget your own name. I turned around.
    She marched her voice, all right. She stood about five-three on her bronze heels, and her eyes were more purple than the Ngong’ Hills. She had a little button of a nose and a pink mouth, smiling just enough just to show her even white teeth. The beautiful dress she wore hugged a chassis with no flaws in it anywhere. I tried to find some.
    She dropped her head, so I could see the way the last of the sunlight tangled with her black hair.
    “They say you help other students with assignments. If I’ve made a mistake….”
    She had an accent, just enough to be fascinating.
    I said, “I’m that person. Something I can do for you?” Still I couldn’t find anything wrong with her, but I kept looking just the same. My blood pressure had gone to about three hundred.
    It’s hard to describe a girl like that. You can say she’s five-three beautiful, but you can’t pass on the odd little tilt of her eyes and the way her mouth looks, or the something that just comes out of her like light out of a lamp, and hooks into you so you know you’ll never get rid of it, not if you live to be a hundred.
    She said, “Can you help me with my Economics assignment? I really need help.”
    I shook my head. “Sorry, I have like three other assignments to do.”
    Her face had a look of steel under the soft kittenish roundness. “I’m not just talking,” she said. “And if by tomorrow morning I will not be through with my assignments, I will be forced to retake the same unit. I would have done it myself if wasn’t for the Modeling Contest in the Main hall tonight. Look me over.”
    That’s all I’d been doing. I guess I was staring by then. You don’t expect fleecy dolls like that to have too much iron in them. She wasn’t bragging. She was just telling me.
    “Still I got the other assignments,” I told her, “The ...