1. My Naughty, Slutty Adventures - Part 1

    Date: 6/29/2020, Categories: Voyeur / Exhibitionism Author: Naughtytemptation, Source: LushStories

    So for the first time in eighteen years I was single. I was only thirty-four, but I had been with my husband since the age of sixteen. I had no idea how to meet guys because I'd never had the need. Anyway, I wasn't looking for a serious relationship - yet. I just wanted to enjoy being single for a while and explore my sexuality.
    At first I decided to play on the Internet a little bit because I just didn't feel ready to meet anybody in real life. One night, out of horny desperation, I googled "sex chat rooms" which led me to Sexy Time Chat. At this point I didn't know what Reddit was, as I had found the chat site through Google not Reddit.
    I was a little timid at first chatting with different guys but, each time I did it, I got bolder and bolder. It really helped me discover things about myself and my sexuality. It also made me a lot more confident. A lot of the guys would ask for pictures or to cam and for months I would always refuse. I couldn't imagine sending dirty pictures of myself to a complete stranger let alone getting on camera, live, and touching myself while somebody watched.
    Well, over the months, I developed really good friendships with two guys. Yes, we had amazingly sexy conversations and role-plays but we also talked about every day normal stuff also. During one of my hot and steamy chats with one of my guy friends, out of the blue, I took a few pictures of my dripping wet pussy and sent it to him. Hell, I figured after his amazing work at getting me so worked up and wet, he at least deserved to see what he did.
    The response I got from him was so amazing and it made me feel so confident and good about myself. He had mentioned Reddit and said I should post the pictures to gonewild. I laughed it off and told him I could never do such a thing. But, for the next couple days, I just couldn't stop thinking about it. It was so nice to have him tell me how hot I looked and I was curious to see what other people would say.
    For the next week or so, I would go on Reddit and look at the different sub Reddits and look at what other girls and guys were posting. Eventually, I got up the nerve to make my own account. It took me about another week after making the account to post the pictures. I posted the same pictures I had sent to my friend, a few close-ups of my pussy, dripping wet.
    Within moments my little envelope turned orange. I nervously clicked on it and the responses I got were amazing. Some of the guys, and a few women also, were so creative with their responses. Some of them wrote me little stories, telling me exactly what they would like to do with my pretty little pussy. Others sent me dick pictures, and some even sent me videos of them jerking off to my picture. I was addicted.
    I tried to respond and thank as many people as I could and, to this day, I have friendships with some of those guys and a few girls, too. Well, all this attention made me confident and emboldened me enough to want to meet somebody in ...