1. Sharing my Wife: The rest of our weekend

    Date: 6/29/2020, Categories: Wife / MILF Author: robertl, Source: LushStories

    I must admit that Ginger’s fears about her husband had given me a little trepidation as well. I wasn’t worried that Eric and Michelle would leave us stranded, but what if Eric was so enamored with Michelle that he was only interested in her. I had confidence in Michelle, but Eric had never been in this situation with another woman before. Plus, the fact that my wife wasn’t just “any” woman. She was insanely sexy, the kind of woman any man could fall head over heels in love with from just a single kiss. When she’s with a man, she gives herself to him a hundred percent, she becomes his woman totally, body and soul.
    I hoped I hadn’t done a horrible thing by encouraging Michelle to seduce Eric. I knew it was a game for us, a very fun and exciting game, but it could end up much more than that for Eric and Ginger.
    I slid the key card in the lock of their door and opened it. I heard the shower running and giggling coming from the bathroom. That was obviously why they hadn’t heard us knocking on the connecting door. I stepped into the room and saw that the bathroom door was slightly ajar. I knew I should simply go back and let Ginger know that at least her husband and Michelle were still here, but I couldn’t resist. I quietly swung the door open just a few more inches until I could see in.
    There were two very naked bodies behind the frosted shower curtain. Eric was washing Michelle’s boobs with a bar of soap and her hands were wrapped around his cock. Their noses were touching and they were giving each other light kisses intermixed with Michelle’s giggling. I desperately wanted to stand there and watch this entire scene play out, but the thought of the crying girl in the adjoining room made me reluctantly leave.
    When I stepped back into our room, Ginger had composed herself quite a bit and was trying to wipe away the tears that had been running down her cheeks. They were still coming, but nothing like when I’d left a couple minutes before. I told her, “They were in the bathroom, that’s why nobody answered the door.” I was a little hesitant to say “In the shower,” for fear that it might upset her again.
    I obviously needn’t have tried to be diplomatic as Ginger asked me, “Showering?” I shook my head affirmatively, worried that the intimacy of showering together would play right into Ginger’s fears.
    I heard her softly whisper, “I want to see.”
    I was surprised and afraid that she’d be horribly upset if she saw what I’d just seen. “Are you sure?” I asked her.
    She didn’t answer me. She found Michelle’s robe that was hanging in the closet, slipped it on over her naked body and asked me for the room key. I wasn’t about to let her go into the adjoining room by herself so took her hand and led her outside to the other door. Ginger was obviously nervous to be outside with nothing but Michelle’s short, semi-transparent robe protecting her naked body from public view. I seriously doubt she’d ever been in that kind of situation before. ...