1. An Unexpected Admirer...

    Date: 6/29/2020, Categories: Incest / Taboo Author: starfleetensignm, Source: xHamster

    (This is a story that a friend and me wrote together over a number of sessions, fantasising about a girl I know. I keep coming back to it, so thought others might enjoy it...)
    Rachel is sitting in the busy reception hall of her sister's wedding, one hand idly straightening her heavy purple silk dress, the other toying with the stem of her wine glass, as she makes idle conversation with some family friends and distant relatives. She has been up on the dancefloor once, with her husband, until he found some old drinking friend. She sighs, not noticing how one of her uncles has his gaze fixed on her, at the point where her purple silk meets the pale skin of her exposed shoulder...
    He's been drinking all evening. He never did like weddings. The only redeeming feature is the chance to sneak glances at the young women in their finery, and Rachel looks mighty fine today; he's had his eyes on her since she walked into the church. His hand has been slipping under the table every now and then, rearranging his suit trousers to accommodate his swelling member. He has been trying to keep it under control with his wife seated next to him, not that she would notice. He sees a few of the bride's friends go by, letting his eyes lock on their legs. His gaze keeps returning to his niece, though. He can't explain it, but his urge to have her is rising. Another drink disappears and he says that it's time he got a lady up to dance, leaving his seat and walking unsteadily across the floor.
    Rachel sees him coming, his eyes slightly glassy, his walk unsure. She knows instantly what he wants, and before he's even reached the table has played out in her mind all the excuses she can instantly think of. None of them sounds compelling. She smiles up at him as he reaches her, sweetly and gently as she can. "Hello uncle."
    He smiles looking down at her, his eyes drinking her figure in, less than subtly. His hand is on the back of her chair as he leans down, his breath laced with alcohol, "I was thinking that my niece was looking far too beautiful not to be escorted to the dancefloor. Would you dance with me, Rachel?" He asks, his words a little slurred, but his pupils locked on her.
    "Oh great", she thinks to herself. Her feet are killing her after a day in high heels, and she doesn't want to get up to dance with anyone, especially someone as worse for wear as he is. But she sees the impossibility of her situation, how to say no without seeming rude and ungracious. So she does the decent thing. "Of course," she says, rising to her feet. "I'd love to."
    He smiles and takes a half step back, making sure that he is as close to her as he can get. He takes one of her hands in his sweaty palm, the other arm smoothly around her waist, walking her onto the floor. He turns to face her and holds her close, feeling the silk of her dress move in some areas, resist in others. "You look fantastic in your dress, darling girl..." He says, one of his hands moving up and down her ...