Date: 6/29/2020, Categories: Hardcore, First Time Author: expatriate, Source: xHamster

    Christmas leave in 1963 I had thirty days with my Mom, Dad and k** brother Austin before being stationed overseas with the USAF in Japan. I loved fishing, but with the lakes and streams frozen solid the only way was through holes inside a heated ice shack or shanty. My folks Didn,t own one, but we were allowed to use a friends on nearby Twin Lakes. There were holes in each of four corners that had to be drilled out upon arrival then kept open so you could keep the line from freezing up. The fishing was extremely slow as the fish are warm blooded and a bit lethargic in the cold water, but when you did catch one it was a simple matter of leaving it in a snow drift to freeze for the duration. With the heater on and a transistor radio playing it was comfortable in the shack and often anglers would fish overnight playing cards on a small table in between bites while drinking coffee heated up on the heater. Of course the heaters were not electrical as there was no where to plug anything in, but propane ones did the job as long as one was careful and left a door ajar. After I,d been home a few days from training in San Antonio, Texas I drove out onto the eighteen inches thick ice in my 51 Chevy Biscayne and settled in for an afternoons sport. No need for long rods or reels but you do need something to store the strong line along with a wire trace to prevent fishes sharp teeth spoiling the excitement and of course ensure the hole is large enough to pull your quarry through! That first afternoon I spent just four hours as darkness comes early in December, but managed a nice four pound walleye and three northern pike, one weighing in at just under twelve pounds using live chub minnows as bait. On the day of my birthday Mom promised me a surprise and offered to go fishing with me to the ice shack. She is the person who gave me the fishing bug and despite not being the best Mom ever at least took me fishing a lot in my youth. Once we,d set up she poured out some coffee and as we listened to pop music asked “Are you ready for your Birthday Surprise then?” “Sure whatever it is!” I shrugged. She smiled and stood up to remove her blouse and then her bra to reveal her pendulous titties, then knelt before me, took out my now stiff trousers snake and proceeded to suck me. Mom had seduced me years before because of the way my father treated her as he caught her having an affair with one of her bosses from work. We hadn,t actually fucked in six months and I was as horny as a mountain goat! She Wasn,t the best cocksucker I,ve ever had, but who was I to complain. After a few minutes of fellatio she removed her slacks and panties so she could lower her hairy gash onto my prong and ride me cowgirl style. In the confined space the strong aroma of hot aroused pussy wafted in the air which tended to turn us both on even more. If a fish had grabbed our baits it would have gone unnoticed as she now bent over the camp cot so I could fuck her doggie fashion, my cock slapping ...