1. The Filling in a Slayer Sandwich

    Date: 6/29/2020, Categories: Celebrities Group Sex Author: Dawn_Summers, Source: xHamster

    The Filling in a Slayer Sandwich
    Xander yawned as he made his way through the corridors of Sunnydale High School, responding to an unexpected call from Giles for help with researching the latest demon of the week. While he wasn’t very good with reading the books Giles had brought with him from England to help discover what they were facing, Xander seemed to have a knack for finding books that held the required information for Giles and the others to go through, a talent that the Watcher utilised often, although generally not when Buffy or Willow were around.
    As he passed Principal Snyder’s office, moving more cautiously than before caused by an instinctive need to stay under his RADAR, Xander noticed that the light was still on. Curious despite himself, he moved a little closer to the door. When he peered inside, his view diminished by the frosted glass, he could see a shadow in the distance, moving back and forward sporadically, and when he heard a groan, Xander barged inside, thinking that somebody might be in danger.
    When he saw what was going on, Xander knew without a shadow of a doubt that someone was in danger… from him.
    Snyder was naked from the waist down, and was fisting his cock whilst his eyes were riveted to the large flat screen TV in front of him, showing a scene of a couple of women soaping themselves up in the shower. The situation was nauseating for Xander, and knew that if he could afford one he’d be making an appointment to a shrink first thing tomorrow, but his disgust soon changed to a white-hot rage as he found that he recognised the women on the screen; Buffy and Faith.
    Giles had explained to him on the phone earlier that the two Slayers had been in an altercation with a few demons of unknown origin, and after finding out that their weapons had no effect, had managed to get away only by the skin of their teeth. Along with several minor injuries, they had also been covered in a viscous substance that Giles had instructed them to wash off immediately in case it was harmful to them.
    It wasn’t the first time the Chosen Two had used the showers after a patrol, and it seemed that Snyder must have found out and set up a camera to spy on them. That was something Xander could not and would not stand for.
    Even though he hadn’t been quiet when he’d made his way inside, Snyder, who was too intent on jacking himself off to notice anything, had not spotted Xander and he used that to his full advantage. He quickly strode over to the odious man and knocked him off his chair with a vicious kick to the head, cutting open his forehead and causing blood to pour down his face.
    “Harris!? What the he…” Snyder’s blustering was quickly cut off as Xander punched him in the face, feeling a sense of satisfaction as he felt the nose crumble under his fist.
    “You better be politer Snyder,” Xander told him in a tone so cold it could make the Devil himself shiver, “as I haven’t decided how to kill you yet and I might go easy and ...