1. Crossdressing for My Male Cousins

    Date: 6/29/2020, Categories: Trans Author: byPepboy49, Source: Literotica

    Editor's note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.
    Note: This story is a sequel to my series about the adventures of a crossdressing, bisexual married man. It is set some years since I last took on the persona of Christina the crossdresser. I hope all my fellow crossdressers enjoy Christina's return.
    The wedding invitation came from my aunt and uncle. Allison, my youngest first cousin, was getting married. Marcia and I were very excited about going to the wedding. It had been several years since we had connected with most members of our extended family and we were looking forward to seeing everyone again.
    At the reception, we found that we were seated at the cousins' table. Joining us were my first cousins Scott, Brian, and Joanna along with their respective spouses Tonya, Teri and Mike. Everybody greeted each other very warmly with hugs. I watched very closely as my wife hugged Scott and Brian to see if there was any type of tension between my cousins and my wife. The reason for this was that the four of us had an intense sexual encounter some years ago.
    It happened early in our marriage when Marcia told me she wanted to act out one of her fantasies. She wanted to be tied naked on the bed with me being able to do whatever I wanted to her. I came up with the bright idea of getting my two cousins involved. At the time, Scott and Brian had not really had any sexual experience with girls (although the three of us had mutual masturbation sessions when in college).
    In a nutshell, this is what happened. My wife let my cousins see her nude body. In return, my cousins agreed to show her their cocks and jerk off for her. Unfortunately, things got a bit out of hand when I decided to have sex with Marcia in front of my cousins. What got Marcia really annoyed was when Brian shot his load on her face and Scott got involved by fucking my ass when I was inside my wife's pussy. Marcia was extremely pissed off.
    To make it up to Marcia, Scott and Brian agreed to do whatever she wanted. She then made Scott and Brian perform simultaneous fellatio on each other, which I captured on video. After my cousins both orgasmed, my wife made me lick their cocks clean. And that was the end of the evening's sexual activities. The four of us never got together again for an encore.
    Back to the present, I could detect no tension or uncomfortable feelings whatsoever when Marcia had greeted my two cousins and that made me quite happy. I also was quite pleased when I saw Marcia having a good time with my cousins' wives, Tonya and Teri. I couldn't help but wonder what they would think if they knew that she had a video of their husbands' sucking each other's cocks.
    We all ended up having a great time at the wedding. I found it amazing that my cousins and I were able to talk so easily especially after not having seen each other for numerous years. One thing I discovered about Scott and Brian was, like me, they had become avid golfers. ...