1. The Quarterback and Me—Part 1

    Date: 6/29/2020, Categories: Gay Hardcore, Author: skinnon95, Source: xHamster

    This is a true story of what happened to me my freshman year of college. I had gotten a job working at the Activity Center on campus. The AC was a gym just for college students where we could work out. Usually it was used just for non-athletes as athletes had their own gym, but occasionally various team members would come in. To gain entrance into the AC, you had a to present your college ID with a staff member (that was me). Then when you left, you picked your ID back up. This way we could keep up with who was in the the AC at any given time.
    Joseph, our starting quarterback, and some of his buddies came in one day. Joseph was perfect! 6'3", 180, abs of steel, tanned skin--he was perfect--and totally straight! When he and his teammates would come into the AC, they were always bragging on which chicks they were fucking. They had been working out for about 3 weeks and one day Joseph came in alone. He introduced himself and asked me my name..
    "Ugh...I'm Sam" I stuttered getting my own name out my mouth. I was totally shocked this Adonis of a man was talking to me!
    "Hey Sam--I'm Joseph but my friends call me Joe." Joe! His friends! Was I now his friend? "See ya around!" I just melted right there.
    Over the next few weeks, every time he came in (with his friends or alone), he always said "Hey Sam!" It was surreal. The quarterback knew my name.
    One day at work it was super slow. The weather was rainy and not many students were braving the weather to come work out. I had my college algebra book out studying for a big test we had coming up on Friday. In walked Joe. He saw my book and notes out and asked...
    "Hey Sam--who do you have for algebra?"
    "I've got Dr. Renard. He's tough!" I told Joe.
    "I've got Dr. Renard too. I haven't seen you in class. I have him at 10 a.m. M, W, F" Joe said.
    "I have him M, W, F but at 1 p.m." I replied. "We've got a big test on Friday I'm trying to study for."
    "We've got a test Friday too." Joe moaned. "Hey maybe we could study together if you want. You could come over to my apartment Wednesday night after I get out of practice."
    WHAT? I said to myself. Was the hottest guy on campus inviting me over to his apartment to study? "Yeah...sure. That would be great. I need all the study help I can get."
    "Cool. Give me your cell # and I'll text you when we are done with practice." Joe asked.
    So we exchanged numbers and I told him I would see him Wednesday night. It was Monday now and I could hardly wait.
    Wednesday finally arrived! I went through my day. Classes. Work. I got off from the AC around 7 pm. I ran back to my dorm and grabbed a shower and some supper. Then I waited. And waited. And waited. Had Joe forgotten? I was about to give up when my cell went off around 9.
    "Hey its Joe. Just getting out of practice and heading home. Meet me there--261 Ridgeway Apt. 11"
    He didn't have to tell me twice. I replied "On my way" and out the door I went. I actually pulled up the apartment ...