1. Shannon The Executive Office Assistant

    Date: 6/29/2020, Categories: Job / Office Sex Author: CommunicationDirectr, Source: LushStories

    Shannon was my executive assistant and as vibrant and gorgeously sexy as she was, she was not to be messed with when it came to sexual innuendos. Shannon let it be known right off the bat, after she caught me admiring her posterior as she sauntered out of my office one day that she was very much spoken for.
    I hated Shannon because she was cute, and because she knew it. She stood only about four foot ten and probably didn’t weigh much more than 98 pounds. She had long brown hair that hung down to the middle of her back and was rather small-framed, with small boobies but very erect nipples that seemed to always be on display.
    Winning Shannon over was not going to be easy. My timing had to be very spot-on.
    Shannon knew I liked her, which made things even harder, figuratively and literally. For the most part, she simply ignored me whenever I would compliment her or proffer a wink, or simply prolong my look in her direction.
    I had her rearrange the files in my office, while I stayed at my desk, doing work.
    “You smell good,” I said as she stuffed documents into files just a few feet from me.
    “Thanks,’ she dutifully replied, as she took papers from my outbox and methodically placed them into the proper folders in the three-drawer metal filing cabinet next to my desk while I calmly sorted through another huge set of files in my inbox, setting aside paperwork for either payment or more filing.
    As I shifted a load of paperwork from my desk to my out basket, Shannon placed her hands on her hips and looked at me in silence.
    “It has to be done,” I declared. I could tell she was frustrated and not happy. As she worked on the filing, I notice she created a separate pile of things on top of the filing cabinet.
    “What’s that pile up there?" I asked.
    “That’s bottom-drawer stuff," she declared. “I’ll get to that when you go to lunch.”
    “What if I don’t plan to go to lunch?” I asked.
    Shannon placed her hands on her hips and once again looked straight at me. She was cutely attired in a pretty short black mini-skirt, a pull-over shirt and a snappy little designer jacket.
    “Are you serious?” she asked. I assured her that I was serious and that the work had to be done that day before I left the office, as I had in-office meetings in the morning and I didn’t want to have my office cluttered up for the meeting. Shannon offered to hide the paperwork at her desk, but I was adamant that the filing be done right then, rather than putting it off to another day. Shannon had a habit of procrastinating and it was time for her to measure up.
    “Fine,” Shannon replied, grabbing some of the papers from the stack. She bent over and pulled open the filing drawer and proceeded to stuff the papers into the files as I sat and took in a lovely view of her very cute ass, peeking out from under her very short mini-skirt. Suddenly, she glanced back at me, and I was once again caught.
    She didn’t say anything, as I quickly looked away, trying to pretend ...