1. wife blackmailed and turned into slave

    Date: 6/1/2020, Categories: Interracial Author: k4funvb, Source: xHamster

    Valerie lay soaking up the last of the sun's rays. Her nipples were trying to poke out of her bikini top, and her fingers were deep inside her cunt why you may ask. It was due to the fact she was dreaming about the gorgeous black cock, 13 inch of pure joy that had fucked her two days previous, you see Valerie was a black cock whore and was proud to be.
    Quite a few blacks called her filthy names such as, white trash, cum slut whore, Nigger bitch, black owned fuck toy. Some even wrote things on her to let hubby see that they think of her. But this only turned her on even more it was like handing her a compliment. To Val saw this as a black man's brand. But of course she always scrubbed clean before going home.
    In fact she craved to be black fucked most nights.
    The only thing stopping her was the fear of being found out, you see Valerie was married with two c***dren and had found black cock only after she had married. In fact Val was very careful who she let fuck her she did not care how many, or who they were, but it had to be people she trusted or strangers who she would never see again. Hence the pickups at clubs.
    Oh well she thought as the last rays went down over the roof, the k**s will be home soon anyway.
    Picking up her towel she made her way back into the house. It was then she noticed an envelope by the front door, picking it up she saw it was addressed to her. Thinking nothing more of it she threw it on to the counter top will look later she thought.
    Moments later her house was filled with laughter as her k**s came home. James the youngest picked up the envelope and started to open it. "Now is that addressed to you" Val said. "Sorry mom" said James and put it back down. Cheeky monkey she thought.
    "What's in it mom" asked James. "No idea" replied Val "let's see shall we," on opening it her heart stopped for a moment.
    "Well" asked James, Val was speechless but managed to blurt out. "Oh just junk mail for the bin I think." But then moved to hide it.
    She had only seen one picture but how many more were there and god how did this happen. Her mind was in turmoil.
    Later at dinner her husband said. "Not hungry sweetie."
    "Too big a lunch for me I'm afraid." Val replied.
    OH my god please don't let this be for real, Val thought while pecking at her food. She had crazy thoughts in her head now. This was not supposed to happen.
    Minutes turned into hours, hours to days.
    Finally when her c***dren and husband were in bed she got the envelope back out. Nervously she opened it, hoping that her first view of it had changed. But no there was Val with a face full of black cock, the rest showed her in various fuck positions some with her cunt and ass being fucked at the same time. But although Val was clearly visible she didn't know who was fucking her as their faces could not be seen.
    There had been that many I suppose thought Val.
    It was then she saw the note it read.
    Time to pay you dirty white fuck ...