1. Adventures With Traci - Marcie And The Construction Workers

    Date: 6/1/2020, Categories: Cuckold Author: goodhusband, Source: LushStories

    On the Monday morning following our exciting Saturday afternoon with Steve, Traci and I had to return to the mundane world of work.
    Traci was employed as a receptionist for a large investment firm. She spent her day answering the telephone, greeting clients and getting coffee or water for everyone but herself. She wasn't thrilled about her job, but she realized that her situation was the result of her own choices. While majoring in modern dance had been fun and fulfilling, it hadn't been a wise economic decision. Her college major had left Traci with limited employment opportunities. Working as a receptionist wasn't satisfying, but it was better than most of her other options.
    I was an elementary school teacher. I loved my job, but that Monday morning I didn't have to try to forget about the events of the past weekend and focus my attention on teaching my students. It was summer, school wasn't in session. I did have to go to work, but my tasks weren't nearly as demanding as they would have been when I was teaching. That summer I was involved in a curriculum writing project. The stipend was minimal, but it helped us weather the financially lean summer months and the hours were wonderful. My work day started at ten and I was generally done by three. That provided me with the time to do most of the housework and all of the cooking.
    It was 4:30. I'd just arrived at home after a stop at the local supermarket where I'd purchased the ingredients for spaghetti. It was a simple meal and one of our favorites. As I was unpacking my grocery bag my cell phone chimed. I looked at the screen. It was Traci. I answered her call. “Hi Traci.”
    “Hi Terry, how was your day?”
    “Easy, how is yours going?”
    “It's pretty normal. I've gotten coffee for most of the western world. I've been polite to everyone who's called or visited this office and I've repeatedly flashed my boobs for my bosses.”
    “I'm certain you enjoyed that last part.” The investment firm that employed Traci was run by three middle aged men. All three of them loved Traci's large breasts and she always wore low cut tops that barely concealed them. My wife was a shameless exhibitionist. She loved to flash her boobs for her bosses and they enjoyed peeking at them.
    Giggling, Traci said, “You know me too well.”
    “It's one of the many reasons I love you so much.”
    “We are so lucky. Hey Terry, what are we having for dinner tonight?”
    “This is Monday, it's Marcie's day off. Would you mind if I invited her to join us for dinner?”
    Marcie Townes was Traci's best friend. During the past eighteen months Marcie and I had become good friends too. Prior to our wedding my wife and Marcie had been sexually adventurous, very adventurous. They were partners in a dedicated pursuit of lascivious delights. They used to laughingly refer to themselves as a pair of cock hungry harlots on a never ending prowl for sexual pleasure.
    When we got married Traci gave up that lifestyle, but ...