1. Ariela Ch.03: New Secrets

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    Ariela leant forward on the intricately carved table, a map of her new Empire etched into the wood, painted and polished, the surface so intricate as to show the curves, valleys hills and mountains of the land. It lay scattered with figures indicating the spread of her forces, her minions, thin across the towns and cities she now owned and was, apparently, struggling to control.
    “Would you care to explain to me, General Atrin, why I cannot continue my conquests and why my armies are spread as thinly as they are?” she spoke in a soft gentle tone, but one that was obviously masking a deep fury, her eyes flickering from the map of her land up to the meek looking General who, after so easily switching sides from Belind to her, had, to her surprise, served her with a surprising competence and loyalty, the only two aspects that meant he was not currently a smear on the far wall.
    “My Queen, the towns and cities require a very high level of policing, only the er, nature of the troops in your army keep them in check. Without those creatures I fear many of the cities would be in open rebellion against you.” He explained, his voice calm and professional, though Ariela noted a single bead of sweat trickle down from his hair.
    She liked Atrin. Clever and professional but utterly terrified of her, which was typically how she liked her subordinates. Those without the sense to fear her often ended up wishing they had, often becoming a bleak reminder to the rest, a grim example. He wilted under her prolonged glare, but she let it relent and nodded, “I see. I thought my treatment of Belind would’ve shown them their place, my dominance. Why didn’t that happen?”
    He cleared his throat, knowing he was treading on thin ice, “The Royal family, uh, worthless as they were, my Queen, were beloved by the people. As news of your humiliation of Belind at your glorious coronation spread the people weren’t, as you hoped wisely, cowed into submission. Instead, it seems to have um… Incensed them somewhat.”
    “This is much unlike you General.”
    He felt cold, “Apologies, my Queen, how is this unlike me?”
    “Usually when you bring me bad news like this you have the sense to offer me solutions first. To keep my mood in check. Are you telling me you cannot see a solution to this mess?” She waved a hand dismissively across the map, as if every soul it represented was something he should easily be able to clean up at her beck and call.
    Atrin felt himself relax a little as he allowed himself a small smile, “I er, actually do have a solution, it just hasn’t arrived yet, I expected it before your arrival but… It seems to be late.”
    He had expected her to smile, to be at least a little bit brighter at his offer of a solution, but, to the contrary, her expression darkened.
    “I do not appreciate being kept in the dark Atrin.”
    “I, er, of course my Queen, I-...” he hesitated, hearing footsteps approaching the campaign room in which they were stood and, as a pair of ...