1. My Lady and How She Treats Me - Part Three

    Date: 5/31/2020, Categories: Cuckold Author: fischer_mike, Source: LushStories

    Those who read my earlier confessions know by now how my relationship with L works. That you have read them, probably, means you have an interest in the so-called “cuck” lifestyle. Even if not, I am sure you know a large amount of porn with this theme is available on the internet.
    As you can imagine, I have a rather double feeling about these flicks. They excite me, but also remind me that L will sometimes make it painfully clear she fucks other men and enjoys it. I let L do as she pleases, but there remains a sense of discomfort.
    Somehow, despite getting off on her indiscretions, I have a nagging sense of wounded pride. Perhaps it is exactly that conflict of emotions which makes L so irresistible. Anyway, I digress, as all of this is a long introduction to tell you that L caught me watching cuck-porn.
    In another marriage, being caught perving porn may lead to a fight and shouting. With L it is different. Once she saw what I was watching, she laughed. Never one to waste an opportunity to show her superiority, L improvised and humiliated me.
    She took my iPad, made me follow her down the stairs and told me to get underdressed. Embarrassed and lost for words, I could not think of anything else than taking off my clothes.
    “Sit down on the couch with your hands behind your back
    L told me in a voice that was sweet and commanding at the same time.
    I sat down and folded my hands like a schoolboy in detention. L connected my iPad to the widescreen and played the video I had been watching. It was generic in its kind. Girl finds out boy has lost money gambling but pretends not to know.
    She suggests kinky sex, convinces her boyfriend to let her tie his hands and fucks one of his friends right before his eyes. Less usual was L’s whispered commentary in my ear.
    “Honey, do you really enjoy this?”
    I nodded.
    “Does it excite you? Wait, you don’t have to tell me. Your cock is getting hard already.”
    I blushed.
    “She is such an amateur. It is all so fake. I am disappointed.”
    I nodded again.
    “But look at your cock, my dear. It has jumped up like an eager puppy. It is all hard and drooling after two minutes of this crappy porn.”
    I did not need to check to know she was right. We watched the clip to the end. My penis stayed hard even though my head felt like a balloon on fire.
    After the clip, L’s hand stroked my erection. “It is what you long for is it not? You want to be in a room with me while one of my boys fucks me.”
    “I, I am not sure…”
    I felt L’s nails dig into my erection. Not too hard, but hard enough to convey it would be easy to cause pain.
    “Be honest now, honey. This is not a game.” Her cold, steely stare made it clear she was serious.
    “I honestly don’t know L... Really, I don’t know.”
    “I know you want it. Imagine it. You are with me and one of my lovers. You are in a seat; free to leave, but you cannot. You watch how he touches me as if in a trance. His fingers open my wet pussy. You sit ...