1. The night

    Date: 5/31/2020, Categories: Fiction / Fantasy Oral Sex / Blowjob Straight Sex Author: Alex MacDonald, Source: sexstories.com

    David watched the woman lying next to him. Alex stirred in her sleep and he smiled. Even in the moonlight the harsh contrast between her tanned hands and face and the rest of her body was clearly visible. Her skin was pale, a thing he had never expected or encountered before in a dark haired woman. Would it feel soft? He did not know. They were mates, nothing more.
    But here she was, nearly naked in his bed.
    Just four month ago they had met. She was different. Her attitude, the way she behaved, it drove him crazy. Just to annoy her he had called her 'her most toughness'. She had shrugged it off and continued to work out. A week later nearly everyone had picked up that nickname. And he regretted it.
    Hiding in cover, waiting for the mortar fire to die down they had started to talk, really talk.
    Somehow, after that, they ended up spending most of their free time together. Bantering away the boring times, talking, laughing. Mostly about him, his family, his life back home.
    Asking her about hers the only reply he got was “There is no-one”. And he had understood.
    He had come back a month ago. Settling back into his small flat, spending time with his family, shagging a few girls he realized that he missed her. They had not lost contact so after she was back and on leave he invited her over.
    Only this morning he had picked her up at the station. There had been an awkward moment, seeing each other in plain clothes for the first time. But she was just the same and that moment had passed.
    Naturally they had ended up in a pub. It had been a good evening, bantering like no time had passed, laughing and drinking.
    And now she was here. Lying in his bed. And he could not sleep. As she turned again the tank top nearly exposed all of her small breasts.
    It would be wrong to touch her. They were mates. But still he reached out.
    David had barely felt the soft warm skin when here eyes opened. Startled he stopped, even held his breath.. His hand lay heavy on her exposed breast, he felt her nipple. Slowly he closed his eyes.
    She would get up. She would walk away. She would punch him, kick him before she left.
    Eventually he had to exhale, felt her move. His fingers brushed over her skin, the fabric of her shirt. Then he lost contact, felt her moving next to him.
    Suddenly he felt her fingers at the seam of his shorts, pulling them down. He nearly flinched back as he felt her long hair brushing his skin. And then he felt her lips, drew a deep breath an tensed up.
    Her lips placed a soft kiss on the tip of his dick. Slowly, tenderly she continued, kissed her way down his dick to his balls. He barely dared to breath. Feeling her lips, her breath sent shivers down his spine and made his body react. Suddenly he felt her tongue, licking his balls, gasped. As slowly as before she worked her way up again. This time she only used her tongue and by the time she had reached the top his cock stood erect and he opened his eyes again.
    Alex' ...