1. Horizons Ch. 12: The Missing Year

    Date: 5/31/2020, Categories: Lesbian Author: byBookwormmom, Source: Literotica

    This is the lost year from Jody's side. Much of it doesn't include Ellie. She there though, when they start crossing paths again. This goes from some of Finding Ellie, Parts 1 and 2 of Simmering Inferno and all of Healing Touch. It's long. I couldn't do the story right without it being long. I also didn't want to publish in 2 parts, I didn't want it to lose its flow. Enjoy!
    This was gut wrenching to write. I hope I did the year through Jody's eyes justice. Please leave me comments. I'm deciding if I want to broach any more of their story from her view point. I wasn't certain where to place this so opted just to make it chapter 12.
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    "Your best friend, the person you would rather be with over everyone else, is lying in a hospital bed. She almost died Jody. She fucking tried to kill herself." He was screaming at me by this point. "You're sitting here refusing to go see her. I don't fucking understand you. Evan said they are admitting her to a treatment facility tomorrow. If you care."
    I looked at Joe with a blank stare. I had been home from my parents for a few hours. My phone had been going off ever since. Jessie. Evan. I just couldn't. I got off the couch and walked upstairs, crawled in bed and cried myself to sleep. I barely moved out of that bed for days. Waves of pain hit me harder than any wave of pleasure ever had.
    I laid in bed hovering under a cloud of despair where even my sleep wasn't peaceful. Images of Ellie and that blonde wouldn't stop tormenting me. The hole in my chest was on fire. I could barely move. I didn't go into work for days. Joe yelled. At me. At the kids. I cared about nothing. About everything. The fog surrounding me wouldn't lift.
    Madi and Kevin weaved in and out of my consciousness. 'Mom, where's my', 'Mom can I' and all other sorts of questions I neither wanted to hear nor answer. I wandered into the downstairs occasionally, ate something and went back to bed. Madi would barely look at me, and Kevin was just... confused.
    My mother was there. Every day. Without her I may have withered away. I would have been okay with that. I didn't want to be here, didn't want to be anywhere. She helped with the kids, so they wouldn't wither away. She held me when I cried, when I would let her near me. I didn't want anyone to touch me most of the time.
    I didn't go near my phone for nearly a week. When I finally had the ability to move through the fog and pick it up, it was filled with messages.
    Jessie- Jody. Mom. Oh God Jody she tried to
    I read part of the first one then deleted the thread unread.
    Evan- please come. She's been asking for you. Please Jody
    Another thread deleted unread. Two numbers blocked. A third just in case.
    It had been 6 days of pure hell when I finally went into work again. I spoke to no one on my way through reception, purposely coming in early to avoid most people. I ...