1. THE HUNT, Chapter 2: Coming of Age

    Date: 5/31/2020, Categories: Fiction / Fantasy Bestiality Consensual Sex Straight Sex Voyeur / Exhibitionism Slavery, Author: Ike Man, Source: sexstories.com

    THE HUNT, Chapter 2: COMING OF AGE
    After two weeks on the mountains she thought she had found it, she was sure. She saw a landslide of rocks and what appeared to be an opening in the rock face, a cave perhaps that led to an escape. But, it wasn’t. It was a small cave, but not an entrance to a new, safe, and free world. She stayed at the cave for the remainder of the day and the night, but there was no nourishment available there, no water. In the morning, she had to abandon the cave and move to food and water and that meant the forest below.
    But she didn’t know if she could go any further. She was still sick, malnourished, and dehydrated. She looked at her options and immediately became depressed; but, she, also, quickly came to some critical decisions: first, she had to make her way to the forest and a small stream she had seen, get her fill of water, and maybe sleep in the protection of some rocks by the stream; and, second, if she died now, she would be happy knowing she found a peaceful place and she that she was free. That last part took an immense amount of pressure off her as she had the sense of accomplishment, already. This might not be the long lost world of freedom and independence she had only imagined, but she was free and making each new decision regarding her actions and life of her free will. As she settled in among the protection of the rocks, wrapped in her heavy blanket, she suddenly became aware of a tremendous fatigue, almost a deadening quality to the fatigue. She sank into a steady loss of senses, her mind seeming to be aware as her muscles relaxed; her body sinking into a complete lack of tension, her senses of hearing and feeling slipping away until she was utterly almost comatose. The sensation wasn’t scary or pleasant, it just was.
    It was days before she regained consciousness, not that she immediately comprehended that. But, when she did come to, she was well covered in more than a smelly, old, heavy wool blanket and she was apparently being cared for. She felt cleaner, like she had been washed, the scratches over her legs and arms were cleaned and the larger cuts were bandaged. There was a lean-to over her and the remains of a fire nearby. But she was still alone. No, some movement to the left caught her eye … Dog! It was Dog, but … how? … why would Dog be there, unless … dare she hope? But, why? How?
    She gazed around her new surroundings, for she is not where she had been; she finds a cache of dried food, containers of water and … apples. Apples! She devours several, savoring their juicy sweet, but also tart taste. And, her moving gives her more input. Her body feels different, she feels swollen, achy around her midsection. At first, she wonders how she could have been injured so, not remembering falling in such a way. She looks around and shifts her weight to allow pulling her dress up past her hips and stomach. She looks and feels herself. It isn’t a generalized achy and swollen feeling like bloating or ...