1. Taking Beth part 1

    Date: 5/30/2020, Categories: Fiction / Fantasy Blackmail, Oral Sex / Blowjob Non-consensual Sex BDSM Humiliation Rape / Violence / Cruelty Wife / MILF Author: braindump, Source: sexstories.com

    Part one
    There was no hiding the fact she had made a scene. Beth knew she had lost control completely and that had not been a very bright thing to do. Unfortunately, if her intention had been to raise the issue of her brother’s plight, then she had totally failed. The prison staff had only been interested in her and the negative impact she was having on the whole ward. They simply marched her out of the hospital wing and took Beth straight to an isolation cell, before dumping her unceremoniously inside.
    No one had been prepared to listen to what she was saying, or perhaps more accurately screaming at them. Two large guards had appeared from nowhere, grabbed her by the arms and walked her, carried her really, out of the ward. They had not said a single word to Beth but had simply thrown her into this room and left. Locking her in. Inside all was now silent, the excellent soundproofing deadening every sound from the outside. Her last words had been, “I want to see the governor.” But had they even heard her? And what would happened now?
    She paced the cell trying to control her emotions. Her arms folded across her chest. The overwhelming guilt that she had about her brother’s imprisonment bubbled up inside her. When the accident had happened, they had been assured by the lawyer they hired, that he would not do time but here he was doing six months. This was only her second visit; he had only been inside a fortnight and already he had been beaten up. The result being that he had been put on the hospital wing. But no one seemed to care about what had happened to put him there.
    That is why she had lost it seeing him lying there all battered and bruised. He had been the first to beg her to be quiet, not to make a scene but she had not been able to stop herself. Oh god why had she not stayed calm? The cell walls closed in on her and she realised this was what her brother faced every day. Beth felt her guilt deepen further.
    She had no idea how long she had been in the cell. Watches were removed, amongst other things as visitors entered the prison. It felt like hours and Beth had long since stopped pacing. She now sat miserably on the bed. Visions of her brother’s swollen face and his pleading for her to be quiet played through her mind constantly. However, finally there was the sound of a key in the lock and Beth stood up. She dusted herself down and waited to face who ever had come to see her. She told herself over and over to be calm.
    “Well, well,” her visitor laughed as the door opened. “You have made quite an impact. Not sure a guest has ever got themselves locked up before.” The man standing in the doorway smiled at her. He was the most physically impressive man Beth had ever seen. Huge biceps, and even through his baggy, orange prison suit, his strong and athletic physic was obvious. However, there was something about him that suggested intelligence too. Perhaps it was the accent, more college than backstreet. Or maybe the lack of ...