1. Banging her one agian

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    After spending one day and night with my girlfriend and video calling my mom all day who was naked and most of the time we were jerking off, we spend some time, nearly a month like that. I and my girlfriend fucked and mom knew all about it, we agreed that in when the semester will be done we will go home, take some time and not cheat on, but I had all the fun to take care of.
    It was nearly more than 5 months by now because I was selected in baseball team and my girlfriend was still on the bench, but I got to play a few games. Now that it board time and we will be home for a while now, I was happy and sad at the same time, we spent all night at the airport, we missed most of the time, and by the time it was time to board the plan I gave her a deepthroat, as there were no one nearby to see us.
    After I got home.....add on snapcht chikhan07 or go to my profile.., I kissed my mom and took her in my arms, I almost cried, I got in my room, it was all set as the day I left, I set the stuff that I bought, mom was gone to the clinic so she will be back by eve, so I called up a few friends that I knew were in the city, me mat, had lunch and went can home, I was all the way set of the night, I also managed to bring Sildenafil, that I knew will work for 5-6 hrs for me, but I didn't take it, I will take it on a Saturday, as Sunday is off at the clinic and it will be more fun.
    When I came back home, mom just came in and was taking shower, I went to her bathroom, she was all naked, watching her like that made my dick go hard, and I knew I can do her right now but she is all tired, and need some rest.
    When she was done I had some food ready for us in kitchen, we had some, mom asked me some usual stull and she said “well, how about if I take a day off tomorrow, and you give me you all night”
    “That will be nice but that will make you a 3 day leave in a row and they will cut payment”
    “Yeah, but I need it, now that you are here I want it more and more”
    “ I know but you can wait”
    “Sure, what choice do I have” she laughed, and it was a very good laugh.
    After some usual stuff that we did back in days, watching TV and dinner we want to our rooms and it was called a day.
    Next morning I woke up late and mom was already gone to work. I had some breakfast had a shower and went out with some friends again to be back by the eve.
    This time mom was not here and I was lonely at home, so I ordered some food, and the delivery girl was the same girl who delivered us the last time I was here. She was looked the same as the last time that I saw her. She was also surprised that she came back to us again. She asked me to let her in, it was a very hot day so I let her in, she said she likes to use the washroom so I sent to her my washroom, and gave her some water to drink, she said “you are a nice guy, I love you”
    “Don't say those words, I'm in a relationship“
    “Well, I'm sorry then, and now I should be on my way back, see you if you offer something ...