1. MY wife used well by her boss

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    I am Asmita 26 yrs (name changed), working in a private firm. I was married a year ago. Today I want to share my experience to all you readers out there. Not even in my dreams I had thought that I would scan pornographic sites and share the most personnel information with others. I have read many stories in the last couple of days. Hindi sex stories
    Mostly from boys who describe about assets. Well for those who are interested I am 36 -25-36. Aren’t there any girls who enjoy sex? Well I was one of those homely girls for whom sex was a taboo and only for procreation. On the wedding night itself I lost my virginity. I did not know much about sex. My husband striped me, pinched and caressed my breast and with full force penetrated.
    I was shy and beard the pain and a sore vagina for a week. I did not find any thing interesting; he came undressed me and entered. After a few strokes it was over. Sometimes he did not even remove his trousers properly. He told me that he did not want a c***d soon and was using protection. For me sex was boring. Our financial condition forced me to take up a job in a private firm.
    My boss was a handsome strong man in his early thirties. I was told that he was a playboy and enjoyed a lot. A couple of months passed I had no problems with him. I used to wear a salwar.and that too of thick material. One day I happen to wear one, which was a bit see through.
    As a result the bra was clearly visible. I realized when my colleagues stole glances to look at my private parts. I tried to cover with my duppatta. That evening I saw my boss strolling his eyes on my assets. A week passed. We were having our annual staff gathering. I had worn a saree.
    At the end of the function my boss came up to me and said I had to accompany him home first to collect a file and than to his office. He promised that he would drop me home. Little did I wonder what was in stored for me. On reaching his house he made me sit and took his own time. I remind him about the file but he seemed least bothered.
    He came to me and said a looked beautiful in a sari and placed his hand on my bare stomach. I wore the sari above my navel. I was frightened and tried to move. He caught me by my shoulder and removed the pin used to attach the pallu to the blouse. I protested and I wanted to go. He brushed his fingers on my shoulder and the pallu fell.
    Vow he said and tried to hug me. “Sir, what are you doing. I am married.let me go”. I said but he was least bothered. He kissed me on my neck troath and was moving down. I’ll give you an increment he said and tried to open my blouse. I wanted to free myself. This gave his an opportunity to open if fully. Good boobs he said as he removed his shirt.
    I crossed my hands and begged to be spared. He was uncontrolable. He hugged me and unhooked my bra. One hand moved down and unhooked my petticoat. I was only in my panty He lifte! d me and took into his bedroom. Flunging me on to ...