1. Honeymoon at Disneyland

    Date: 5/30/2020, Categories: Anal Gay Author: DadGuyMaddix, Source: xHamster

    Me and John had been fucking around behind my other-half’s back for three years. I’d carve a pumpkin for him for Halloween and we’d fuck. I’d bring him a basket on Easter morning and we’d fuck. I’d string a tree with lights, decorate it and on Christmas Eve before opening our presents to each other, we’d fuck. For three years, I’d bake him a birthday cake. After he blew out all the candles, we’d fuck.
    For me, at least, the time passed really fast. We were like two little boys, but in grown men’s bodies. We liked having c***dish fun with each other, and then fucking.
    Finally, he told me I had to make a decision. He didn’t want me going home to my other-half anymore after we fucked. Either I was going to “make house” with him, or I could get lost.
    It wasn’t easy. A lot of feelings got hurt- hell, butchered for that matter… including my own. But in the end it worked out. After all was said and done, John and I found a house up on Potrero Hill that we really liked. We snagged it with our first bid and moved in at the end of March 2005.
    We had a lot of work to do on our house but we were determined to have it finished up by my birthday- August 17. We planned to head down the hill to San Francisco City Hall on that day and “tie the knot” with a domestic partnership ceremony, then have all of our friends and whatever family could make it over to the house for a big party. John told me that if our anniversary was the same day as my birthday, maybe I wouldn’t forget it.
    For the next four months, we spent a lot of time fucking in sawdust and wondering what renovation disaster was going to hit us next. Nothing ever goes as planned. When we finally got the playroom downstairs finished and the sling hung, the guy who put it up for us couldn’t wait to watch us fuck in it. He kept coming up next to me while I was drilling John in the sling, take a nose-full of my cigar smoke, and then go sit back down in one of our recliners, jacking himself off. The room smelled of fresh paint, tile grout, leather, smoke, poppers… and finally, cum.
    The day before the ceremony, John and I drove out to SFO to pick up John’s sisters and two grown nieces after they flew in from JFK and MIA. We drove them down to Pacifica, south of the City, and checked them in to the Holiday Inn Express on Rockaway Beach. They loved it. There was a Jacuzzi tub in the suite. John’s two nieces were naked and in the tub in a heartbeat with bubble bath. His sister, Pat, brought all kinds of stuff from an Arthur Avenue deli back in the Bronx for us to snack on.
    By the time we got back home- the night before “taking the plunge” at City Hall the next morning- our hairy chins were greasy with Bronx deli food and we took turns eating out each others’ asses. Sucking cock. And fucking. Damn, it was good!
    The next morning, his sisters and nieces showed up at our house in a stretch limousine they had hired. The two of us got our asses dressed in our suits as fast as we could and ran ...