1. Gumdrop Ch. 16

    Date: 5/30/2020, Categories: Fetish Author: bybushyTrail, Source: Literotica

    Author's note:
    WARNING: There is the tiniest touch of reluctance/non-consent and scat in this chapter. Oddly, I don't like either much, but they were necessary for the evolution of the plot.
    As absurd as the concepts of hucows and ponygirls are, I tried to take them quite seriously, to delve in the psychology of a hucow or a ponygirl and her owner, in search of what these admittedly strange fetishes mean, at least to me. Therefore, beside the tropes of the genre (kinky sex, humiliation and de-humanization), you will find the musings of a young girl who chooses to become a cow in a quest for true love and a place in the world.
    All kinds of feedback are appreciated, especially those about grammar, as English is not my first language. Also, if you decide to give me a low score, please, take a minute of your time and tell me in a comment what you did not like! Thanks!
    16. What's fair
    I did not know whether it was because I had good genes, or because the milk-enhancer that Aidan had installed in me was top of the line, or maybe because I had never been so happy and serene, now that Penelope did not feel like a threat anymore, not to mention the wonderful relationship with Cupcake, Cream Pie and Fudge, but the fact remains that, when spring came, I started to produce a lot of milk, becoming the top producer in our farm. Both Aidan and I were very proud of that. I felt like that was the universe telling me that I was born to be a cow, his cow.
    The good and hotter weather allowed us to graze very often in our outdoor enclosure, joined by Fudge, who added pepper to all our afternoons with her wild energy. She liked to hear our moosic, because she could not sing with her neighing-device, and so we began to make our act even more daring. It was therefore with little surprise that Aidan found us all there. He was followed by Aaron, Penelope and Ava, all with their crops in their hands. Cream Pie let out a whimpering moo. I had to admit that it was a little disquieting picture, but I trusted Aidan.
    Lash after lash of the crops, we were led to the new gate of the corral and for one wild second I wondered if they would have us pull some coach like Fudge did almost every sunny day for Penelope. Instead, we saw a horse trailer and another one, similar to the first, but probably destined to cattle, because it seemed one big cage with few little openings on the outside. Maybe we were finally going to go to the veterinary? Anyway, while Fudge had apparently a little stable on wheels for herself, we would travel just in the way we had come from the fair: tied to milking stalls, on our knees. Contrarily to that time, though, it seemed that we would also be milked and fed automatically, since there was a limp plastic penis just in front of my lips.
    As soon as Aidan had closed the door on the back of our trailer, we found ourselves in semi-darkness, incapable of moving a ...