1. Alice's Descent into Debauchary

    Date: 5/30/2020, Categories: Fiction / Fantasy Bestiality Teen Mature / Older Non-consensual Sex First Time Author: Alice Starr, Source: sexstories.com

    Alice's Descent into Debauchery
    I was always a horny little girl, but perhaps I was born knowing my place was a fuck toy. My name is Alice, though my friends called me Ally or Ally cat so I'm used to a few things. Given that I had a single mum who worked a lot from an early age, I was left alone to explore my naughty little urges to the fullest extent.
    I was already developing quickly and looked much older than my age. Standing at 5,1 (little did I know I hit my growth spurt early and would never grow much taller ) with budding B cups, sensitive nipples, straight dark golden blonde hair that reached past my ass when let out of its pony tail and a figure that I kept curvy and trim, My thighs and ass rounded and firm from years of competitive horse riding.
    I remember it started with humping my pillows and stuffed animals when I cuddled with them during the night, only falling asleep when my little panties and shorts were soaking through with little girl cum. It quickly progressed to riding my bike home from school as quickly as possible to able grind my tiny little bald pussy into any toy I could, loving the way their soft fur felt on my clit. My favourite ended up being a large white bear, he had a hard plastic nose and was about half my size. I would fuck him daily, riding his hard little nose, desperate to feel my little cunny tingle and throb. Pulling and pinching my puffy little nipples as I thought about how this was practice for when I got boyfriend or person who wanted to use my little body. Desperate to know how to please them, wanting to be used like I was using this toy. Forcing myself to keep grinding and riding through my orgasms like a good girl, following my body's every kinky urging.
    One day after school, I found one of my mother's girly reality magazines and read an article about different kinds of sex play. Given the fact that I had no real toys a technique near the bottom of the page caught my eye, it was talking about how some people loved the sensation of warmth or cold, favouring ice or wax. Several comments caught my interest from eager men that had written in talking about how ice cubes made their girls squeal and squirm and in some cases made their pussies even tighter. I grinned, a wicked plan forming in my mind as I raced to my room, my little school skirt flicking up as I skipped. I brought my bear out into the living room, eager to try out my new-found knowledge, I also brought out with me a dirty magazine I had found left behind by one of my mum's ex boyfriends. It had become one of my favourite things to masturbate to. I loved looking at the pictures of the tiny white models having their holes obscenely stretched open and used by huge toys, black and white cocks, some even tied up in weird poses with rope I didn’t know yet.
    I laid them out carefully on the living room carpet and walked over to the kitchen. Bending over and causing my skirt to ride up over my pert little ass and my panties to give me a ...