1. Barbara Runs The Gauntlet Part 3

    Date: 5/30/2020, Categories: Fiction / Fantasy Anal Oral Sex / Blowjob Group Sex Interracial Author: John Black, Source: sexstories.com

    Barbara Lewis woke up on Thursday morning. She was depressed. Deep in the hole with her bills, she was getting really close to the deadline that her bank has set on her loan. If they aren’t paid by Saturday morning then they are going to repossess her car. She just had to win the money she thought.
    Barbara had spent the past five days performing sexual acts in a strange game that her friend Lena had told her about. The Gauntlet was the name of it and she only had two more days, which meant two more tries to win the $1000 prize. Her body was so sore and drained from the sex she had already performed. She also was starting to enjoy the constant fucking as well, which was screwing up her mind because she didn’t want to be such a slut but all this sex was turning her into one.
    It was getting close to game time, so Barbara began to get prepared for another gauntlet try. She arrived at the place she had been going every night for the past five days and hid her extra clothes in a bag in the alley along side the building again. When it got to one o’clock, she entered and went to Mr. Mills office again. He was very surprised to see her.
    Mr. Mills: “Wow! I have never had a woman run the gauntlet six straight days. You must really need the money Miss Lewis.”
    Barbara: “Yes. Unfortunately I do.”
    Mr. Mills: “I must admit you have given us plenty of footage for the movies that we create. We always enjoy gathering more though.”
    Barbara’s heart sank a bit. She had been so busy trying to beat The Gauntlet that she had forgotten that everything she was doing was being filmed. She felt very dirty and embarrassed by those thoughts.
    Barbara: “When exactly will my stuff be, you know…out there?”
    Mr. Mills: “Oh we’ve already distributed some of it. Here, I can show you one of the DVD’s you’re on.”
    Mr. Mills went to one of the drawers in his desk and produced a DVD and handed it to Barbara. She looked at the front of it and read the title ‘Dirty Little Ass Lickers 14’. She then flipped it over and saw her own face. Her tongue was between the ass cheeks of a big hairy black man. The disgust and embarrassment that Barbara was feeling a moment ago weirdly was changing to pride. She couldn’t figure out why, but seeing her own image on the DVD was making her a bit horny.
    Barbara started reliving that day in her mind. It was the all-interracial day in which every room that she entered was doubled. She also remembered that the prize money, that of course she didn’t win, was doubled to $2000 as well. Her pussy started to get wet thinking about all of those big black cocks. She had an idea.
    Barbara: “Mr. Mills, I know it isn’t Sunday, but would it be possible to run the Interracial Gauntlet again tonight? I really need the $2000.”
    Mr. Mills: “Well, I could easily get the men together, but The Gauntlet isn’t set up with the larger format.”
    Barbara: “Couldn’t I just do it on the smaller format?”
    Mr. Mills: “Well…I’ll tell you what, I will ...