1. Why I Met Your Mother - Chapter 8

    Date: 5/29/2020, Categories: Fiction / Fantasy Anal Rape / Violence / Cruelty Teen Non-consensual Sex Author: MadeToFit, Source: sexstories.com

    The story so far: Phil’s girlfriend, Sadie, has a teenage daughter called Kiara. By now, Phil is regularly raping Kiara, ignoring the fact that she has her own boyfriend: Jake. Yesterday, Kiara and Jake were going to celebrate their six month anniversary together. That was until Phil kidnapped her and took her to a hotel for a night with him instead. This chapter is set the day after, once Phil has brought the girl home and has headed off himself to do a day’s work for his construction firm.
    Chapter Eight
    Once she heard the key turn in the lock and knew for certain that he was gone, Kiara wandered like a zombie back into the lounge and sat herself down on the sofa. She swallowed hard, trying to take stock of it all. She rested her hands weakly in her lap, but they wouldn’t stop their violent trembling. She was jumpy, twitching at every little sound the empty house made around her. Her fingers knotted with each other for some sort of comfort as she thought. The horrors went round and round inside her head. The ruined night, full of abuse and terror, when it was meant to have been so special. Now, she’d even have to pretend when her mum came in that everything had gone to plan, to pretend that she’d just come back from the best night of her life. Why was the onus now resting on her to hide everything, whilst that bastard could just relax.
    No matter how many times she replayed the events, she couldn’t work out why this was all happening to her. Worse than that, she couldn’t see any escape from it. The future looked black and murky, an endless nightmare stretching out ahead of her. She couldn’t tell her mum about any of this. She wasn’t going to ruin her happiness. She’d go through anything to protect her from that. But, even as she sat there fidgeting, one final slither of light gleamed, somewhere in the distant corner of her mind. There was one person she might be able to reveal it all to: Her trusted boyfriend.
    After what seemed like an age, she stood up, summoning an ounce of strength from that solitary idea. Somehow, out of Phil’s presence, without his shadow looming over her, she seemed to be able to focus on that, and it gave her the one tiny amount of defiance she needed. When he was around, the idea of Jake just seemed to go out of focus and she couldn’t reach it at all. AT those times, she had no choice but to feel scared and powerless. With him gone though, her body actually felt like it belonged to her. She felt like a human being again and not some worthless sextoy. Phil had taken everything from her, torn her life up and scattered the pieces onto the floor, but there was this one thing he wasn’t going to snatch away. A plan started to slowly form. She could go around there now. To Jake’s. She could tell him everything, calmly and clearly, and maybe he could help her find a way out of all this.
    She loved Jake, and she’d wanted to date him since they had both been nine years old. Back then it had just been flirtatious ...