1. cross friends trick

    Date: 5/28/2020, Categories: Anal First Time Author: JeanDauvere, Source: xHamster

    We’d been friends for pretty much all of our young lives and did everything together. I never expected to be sharing this though.
    From being k**s ‘playing out’ together, to first stolen drinks, cigarettes, and spliffs, we had shared everything. Basically Jimmy’s dad was rich and they had a huge 5 bed roomed house with double garages, and outbuildings and quite a bit of land with a small wood and fields.
    Jimmy’s bedroom was above the garages, and when I say bedroom I mean fully fitted flat. He had a kitchen, lounge, bathroom and bedroom all to his self, and a connecting door into the main house for when he wanted to join the family or eat. Around then the main object of my desire, was Katey his sister, who was a year above us and had started college. She was mighty fine. Blonde, blue eyed, sporty type with the curves in the right places, you know what I’m saying. She was a great sport as well and had sat in with us a few times when Jimmy and I had jerked off to porno vids, but sadly I couldn’t get her to join in or touch me. Jimmy knew how I felt but he wouldn’t interfere. He said she had to make her own mind up, and that I would just have to keep on trying to impress her myself.
    Jimmy’s dad was from an Italian background and was dark and rugged, where as Katey and Jimmy both looked like their mum, blonde hair, pale skin and blue eyes, both smaller and lightly built, quite Swedish looking. Me well I’m just a run of the mill lad, I’m bigger than Jim as I stand 6’2” and weigh 17 stone. I’m sporty and play most games well, I’m not fat, just well put together.
    Jim and I had been drinking most of the day at his house, whilst the family was out, and the topic had turned to lust and his sister mostly. We were sat on his sofa, beers in hand with porn on the telly, and both nursing hard-ons which we both needed to deal with. There was a girl on the video twerking over the star of the film and we knew what was coming. “What I would give for Katey to do that to me now” I said and Jim turned and looked at me with a blank drunken face. “Really” he asked flatly with a fair amount of sarcasm, before getting up to go into the main house. “Wait there and I’ll see what I can do” he said and ran off through the door. I was a bit shocked and unsure what to think, but the booze was working and the girl on the film was getting royally fucked by the star. I gently rubbed my hard-on through my jeans as the room got darker and evening fell.
    Right around the time the star pulled out to spurt his come over the girl I felt, more than heard, the door to the house open and Katey slid in quietly, well I thought I had seen Katey but I may have been mistaken. In the corner the lamp turned on and I half turned to see that yes it was katey, bent over with her ass toward me, wearing a plaid mini skirt with those elasticated stay up stockings on her taught legs, and a crop top. She was wearing the redhead shortie wig which she loves to tease me in, then with no further ...