1. what a day ( 8 )

    Date: 5/28/2020, Categories: Diary , Anal Ass to Mouth Ass to pussy, Bestiality Bisexual Cum Swallowing Fisting, Group Sex Water Sports / Pissing, Author: marriedguy181, Source: sexstories.com

    After our morning piss play, I told Pauline to ring Des, her boyfriend and tell him, she would stay with him in London, after she had dropped me of at the airport on Saturday, with a smile she quickly rang him and arranged that, then I told her to send Jane a message to say we would drop Jerry of Saturday morning also on the way to airport, save her driving out here to pick him up, again, all smiles and things were set.
    Jerry was happy to see us, and we both got ready for another busy day, I had already set up a Skype meet with Sue and the kids Friday afternoon our time, as they would be having another group fuck in Australia too, I said nothing about Jerry, I wanted to see their face's as Pauline took him.
    We began to play, I used the toys and fist in Pauline, while she fucked and fisted me also, then mid afternoon, the door bell rang, Alf and Lee were wanting more fun, quickly following me to the bedroom to get going.
    I had told them all to make sure if any day they could make it Friday for a real good send of, both guys said they were back again tomorrow, but had arranged several days of to meet us. It took about an hour, Pauline's butt was filled by Alf''s cum, as Lee and myself fucked next to her, then I gave Pauline a sly smile, and went of to get Jerry.
    As I walked back in they both looked at us strange, I got under Pauline and shoved my cock in her pussy, her butt near the edge of the bed soon got a licking from Jerry, both guys looked on with hard cocks.
    I knew Jerry would now take the lead, he jumped up, and I could feel his cock against mine trying to find her pussy, I told Lee to aim it at her butt, he did, and we both began to feel him sliding his long cock into her hole, my cock held firm, as he got further into her butt.
    I was watching my sisters eyes as Jerry began to fuck her hard, she was in heaven, her orgasm going strong, my cock filling her pussy tightened the feeling inside her body, as Jerry now fucked her faster than any guy could.
    I gave her a good sniff, she immediately, began to go wild her body shaking as Jerry fucked her butt faster, I kissed her, she gave me such a horny look as Jerry and I now enjoyed her fully, Lee was fucking her mouth too, she was full, and when Jerry blew his wad of cum in her, I was going to empty my balls too.
    It was a good long fuck, Jerry had knotted and my cock was having trouble staying in her pussy as it was so tight, Lee held of, and let Alf face fuck her now, then I could feel Jerry's cock grow more, Pauline her eyes glazzed over, was so horny, we could and were doing any thing to her. then Jerry growled his cock jerked and Pauline's butt was flooded with doggy cum once more, that was to much for Alf he shot his load in her mouth and over her face, I licked some up, as Pauline just stayed locked onto my cock.
    Lee was behind, watching Jerry, it took some time, Jerry pulling against Pauline's hole to get out, but his knot held him firm, as his knot began to ...