1. Perfect Sunday

    Date: 5/25/2020, Categories: Essay , Anal Cum Swallowing Group Sex Interracial Oral Sex / Blowjob Written by Women Author: Candice Fullerton, Source: sexstories.com

    Sunday mornings in the apartment I share with Ebony are always lazy and relaxed.
    I was up and around first making some coffee when Ebony’s bedroom door opened and she
    emerged, yawning and rubbing her eyes.
    “Hi Candy, what time is it?” she asked.
    “Almost eleven fifteen,” I replied
    ”Jesus,” “how did I manage to sleep so long?”
    The sight of Ebony’s silky body sent a little tingle through me. Her curvy figure was more or less
    identical to mine with plump firm breasts and a clean-shaven pussy but in contrast to my soft, milky white skin, Ebony’s was like dark brown velvet.
    “Breakfast?” I suggested.
    She nodded and I fixed a couple of servings of our favourite cereal and two Americano’s.
    “It’s a glorious day out there,” I said.
    Ebony looked at the clear blue sky through the window and said lazily, “yes it is, too nice to stay
    indoors all day.”
    As we were finishing our breakfast I suggested that we go for a lunchtime drink at the popular White Raven Inn.
    “Good call,” she replied, “See you in the shower”
    We made our way to our spacious bathroom with its large walk-in enclosure and I pressed the
    buttons to start the digital power shower. Ebony stepped under the gushing stream of hot water and I quickly joined her. Although we kissed and enjoyed soaping each other’s bodies, we didn’t take it any further.
    It was almost noon and we’d both opted for flimsy summer dresses and long dangly earrings. We
    giggled as we lifted our dresses to reveal that neither of us was wearing panties and although we
    probably looked like a couple of hookers touting for business, it was highly unlikely that anyone at
    The White Raven would ever recognise us.
    I had the top down on the MX5 as we drove the 10 miles or so down narrow country lanes to reach the pub and once through the pretty village with it’s thatched cottages and quaint shops, we pulled into the car park which, was absolutely packed. I pushed the button on my key fob to lock the car and we walked through the crowded pub garden toward the bar doing our very best to get noticed.
    Wearing our designer shades we emerged a few minutes later with our white wines and scanned the grounds for somewhere to sit.
    I then spotted my work colleague Lucy Wheeler sitting at a table shaded by a large parasol and
    gestured to Ebony, “Over there.”
    Lucy was seriously engrossed in her new rich boyfriend and didn’t notice me at all until I said, “shove up Lucy, give us some room.”
    “Candy!” she exclaimed, ”what a lovely surprise, what are you doing here?”
    “About to enjoy a nice glass of wine in a very small world,” I replied.
    Everyone shunted up, introductions were made and Ebony and I sat opposite each other. I turned to Lucy’s man and said, “So Darren, Lucy tells me that you’re a mega rich football star on the
    verge of a call-up to the England squad. You really must come and see us in the shop sometime.”
    He replied sheepishly, “I don’t think so Candy. A ...