1. Leah`s rape

    Date: 5/25/2020, Categories: Fiction / Fantasy BDSM Oral Sex / Blowjob Discipline, Humiliation Non-consensual Sex Rape / Violence / Cruelty Teen Torture, Masturbation / Toys Author: Stick1_5, Source: sexstories.com

    It was early winter, and the first snow had started to fall, covering all of the college.
    It was Thursday noon and Leah was going to be late for science class again, James the professor was giving a speech about the proper way to handle liquid nitrogen since some of the frat boys were joking around with it.
    You entered the room, to be greeted by the stares of all your classmates. "Hello Leah, how nice of you to join us today, and only 20 minutes, late today, that makes you 5 for 5 in my classes. Please come and see me in my office at 16.15 after your last class."
    The day passes with you only paying half attention, worrying that you might be expelled from the school, due to how many times you have been late to the class, and you might have missed an assignment or two.
    At 1615 you were standing in front of the lab, waiting for the last students to leave the lab, so you could get to professor James' office, it was located right behind the lab, only separated by a door.
    When the last student had left you entered the lab, only to see that professor James had already entered his office, so you went and knocked on the door. "Enter" you heard from inside the room. As you enter the small office, professor James says " well at least you were close to being on time, this time, " but professor you start to say, to explain, but you don't get the chance to, "no buts, you were late again, and I don't care for the reason, " he says annoyingly, "now considering how often you are late, and your grades are not going to be good either, I'm afraid I'll have to ask that you are expelled from the school." It's as you had feared, all of the tuition money lost, and nothing to show for it, you can feel a tear rolling down your cheek and you have a lump in your throat making it hard for you to speak. "But I guess there might be a way, for you not to be expelled, but of course nothing is free," he says and almost licks his lips as he is looking at you. At this point, you don't know what to say, but you don't want to be expelled, so you manage to ask what you would have to do.
    Professor James starts to walk past you, over to the door and locks it. "Well, it is quite simple, " he says as he is leaning in towards you from behind and whisper "you only have to my little slave, " as he says the last part he grabs your small body from behind and holds you tight as you struggle to get free from him, you start to panic more and more. He let's go of you, and backhand's you across the face, you stumble into his table knocking over some books and papers, before you know it he is over you again, puts a hand on the back of your neck and holds you down, with the other he starts to rip your skirt off, when he has removed your skirt and see you are only wearing a small thong, he laughed and grabs it and pulls it hard, you can feel it dig deep into your pussy and ass, you fell ripping as he yanks it hard again, there is a burning sensation, where the fabric made friction ...