1. Toman of the Cherokee 11

    Date: 5/22/2020, Categories: Fiction / Fantasy Body modification, Straight Sex Mind Control Teen Rape / Violence / Cruelty Author: pars001, Source: sexstories.com

    Slowly ever so slowly I felt consciousness begin to flow into my mind. I suddenly sat up with a start; we were back in the time of the people I had left! Again I struggled as I tried to get off the bed falling to the floor with a thud. I heard a female voice scream as I tried again and again to rise off the floor. Damn it! I had to leave I couldn’t endanger these people!
    I had just started to make enchanted motions in the air as several glyphs appeared. Nodding I tried to push more power into them as the glyphs grew brighter. Panting I was crawling as fast as I could toward the opening, just a little more and then they would be safe again! “Toman!” Damn if that didn’t sound like Naci. Good she’d follow me.
    Again I pushed as hard as I could, but suddenly feeling a sticky wetness on my leg. Looking down I smiled; I was bleeding again, at least I knew I was alive. I had just reached the portal when I heard several voices approaching my position. Then I felt several powerful spells that were trying to keep me still.
    Ok! Now I was pissed as I pushed back harder feeling the stickiness grow thicker. I had to get away as I reached for the portal again. A soft hand caressed my cheek as Naci’s face came into view. “Please husband you will die if you don’t heal more first.”
    I was suddenly starting to feel cold as I grasp her hand. “No, we have to leave we can’t endanger all of them.” I told her in a low whispering voice. “Help me so we can leave, please.”
    Leaning down Naci looked me in the eyes as she shook her head no. “Have you forgotten that Uncle Merlin is here? I don’t think that they would dare try anything with him here.”
    I tried to smile as I felt and saw Naci’s image and voice start to fall further away. “I’m sorry Naci, I’m sorry I failed. Don’t let the hunter’s take you!” With that I felt everything fade into a blissful darkness.
    I wasn’t sure if I dreamed or not, I wasn’t sure of anything when I awoke the next time. I was far sorer than I thought I would be. Sitting up slowly I looked around, huh, why was I supposed to be so sore in the first place?
    A moment later a beautiful dark haired female walked in through the opening of whatever I was in. “Ah! Good Toman you’re finally awake!”
    When I only stared at her, her smile was quickly replaced with a more worried look. A moment later an older woman walked in a worried look on her face. Shaking my head I had the strongest feeling I knew her though as I grasped for it, it slipped away. Then an even older almost ancient looking man stepped into where I was. Damn, it was starting to get crowded.
    The three of them bent to converse in whispers a moment then the old man stretched his hand over me. He started to chant in the old mage language then harder suddenly stopping shaking his head. “Son, do you know who you are?”
    Finding my voice I stated, “The pretty woman there said my name was Toman, so I guess that’s who I am.” I pointed to the older woman, “You seem so familiar ...