1. One Dark Wintry Night 2 - Port of Call

    Date: 5/21/2020, Categories: Fiction / Fantasy Ass to Mouth Ass to pussy, BDSM Bisexual Oral Sex / Blowjob Cuckold Water Sports / Pissing, Author: Jax_Teller, Source: sexstories.com

    One Dark Wintry Night 2 - Port of Call
    By Jax_Teller
    Characters in this story are the same as the story “One Dark Wintry Night”
    A few weeks after my encounter at the Adult theater & book store on River road in Buffalo NY, I was once again headed out to town in search of a good time. My first stop would be diner where I would call the number on the card Johnson gave me. I found a dive called George's Red Hots near the port. I had been there before and if it were not for the great taste of the food I would never go back. The place was sticky and grimy, but if you are in the mood for Texas Red Hots, it's the place to be.
    I called the number after placing my order with George. Katrina answered the phone and I identified myself as the guy from the theater a couple weeks back. She said Oh yea with a happy glitter to her voice. She asked if I was available later this evening, and I said yes. I expected to meet somewhere neutral like the theater where we met or some place public.
    She told me that Johnson would be home around 5:30 and if I would like to come by at 7 pm he'd be cleaned up and ready for action. I asked come by? and she said their home. I said I could do that and she gave me the address. Katrina sounded so pleased that I had called that I was really looking forward to tonight. I went to the motel the company put us up in, just up the block, and took a shower. It was still early so I took a nap, setting my alarm for 6 pm.
    At six my alarm went off right on time even though I was all ready awake. I called for a taxi and got going to the lobby to wait for the taxi. The taxi took me to the address Katrina had gave me. As we pulled up I could see it was a ranch style house on a 10 acre lot. The house was lit up as it was just getting dark, and there was a porch light on outside the door. I had butterflies in my stomach as I paid the driver and started walking up to the door.
    Katrina looked through the glass next tot e door pulling the curtain aside. A second later the door opened, Katrina waving me inside. As I stepped inside I noticed that she was completely naked. She closed the door and asked if I would like something to drink. I said sure, and she asked if beer was OK. I said sure and she said follow me please as she turned. I was fascinated by her beauty and the way her cute little ass wiggled as she walked.
    We entered a large room near to the back of the house that was very warm. Johnson walked over and shook my hand, greeting me. I shook his hand noticing that I was the only one with clothes on. Johnson's' dick wasn't very visible as he turned, but I remember feeling it inside Katrina. The room was a dungeon complete with a cross, spanking bench, and several other items I didn't know the name of.
    The large bed on one wall was magnificent, four posts secured to the ceiling, with D-rings every where around the bed framing. Katrina asked if I was into bondage or D/s. I told them that I had been around a club in chi ...