1. Daddy's Little Bitch Part 3 Daddy's Friends

    Date: 5/17/2020, Categories: Fiction / Fantasy Anal Ass to Mouth Oral Sex / Blowjob Cum Swallowing Discipline, BDSM Humiliation Incest / Taboo Teen Non-consensual Sex Slavery, Author: KatieSpencer, Source: sexstories.com

    ¬Daddy’s Little Bitch Part 3
    Daddy’s Friends
    Outside Flagstaff AZ
    John stepped out of his rusting blue Chevy truck at the end of a long isolated gravel driveway in the northern Arizona foothills and closed the door with a clunk. He could hear Hank Williams coming from somewhere behind his buddy Ted’s single-wide trailer. The smell of charcoal and charring meat wafted through the air along with a whiff of the of dog kennels that always made themselves known in the summer months.
    He was more than a little curious about Ted’s mysterious disappearance from their local watering hole last month. In Arizona August was a thirsty month. When the sort of guy that has his own bar stool suddenly goes absent, people talk. And the fact that his 18 year step daughter disappeared simultaneously had the small town gossiping more than usual. When Ted randomly dropped by the bar and invited a few guys over for a Sunday BBQ John couldn’t resist.
    As John rounded the corner of the beat up 80’s era mobile home Ted saw him and waved. Ted was flipping meat on the grill. Mismatched chairs were set up in something of a circle on the dusty ground near the home’s back stairs. Their local bartender Marty was sitting in a folding camping chair next to the beer cooler with his back turned to him. John shouted to him for a brew but all he got was a grunt.
    As he walked towards the two men he noticed something a tanned flesh color on the ground between Marty’s knees. Another step and he knew it was a curvy rump, the side of a girl’s bare butt. Dark wavy hair was bobbing up and down in his lap. John grinned as he continued to move forward. Had Ted gotten a whore for entertainment? Was it somebody’s birthday?
    What John saw next would be forever burned into his mind.
    It wasn’t just some town slut sucking dick… it was Ted’s step daughter. 18 year old Katie Spencer, the town cock tease and queen bitch was butt naked on her hands and knees, fat tan DD tits hanging down swinging in the warm breeze, round ass up in the air… sucking on fat old Marty, part owner of the second dirtiest bar in Arizona.
    John froze dead in his tracks, his mouth hung open. Marty groaned again and gave a toss of the head acknowledging John’s presence. Katie glanced over at John briefly, her plump wet lips wrapped around a fat shaft, and then back up at Marty’s face, gazing at him almost lovingly with her big brown eyes as she continued to suck him off, bobbing her head deeply up and down, never breaking her brisk rhythm.
    John felt his pants tighten and his mind whirl. This was the girl who nobody got to fuck, nobody even got a kind word from her and here she was giving a guy she had called a fat smelly old man on multiple occasion the ultimate kindness. A girl that would never be seen in anything but expensive designer clothes was now wearing nothing but a thick necklace. Wait, no, a dog collar!?
    Just then Marty began to breathe heavier and setting his beer on the cooler, took ...