1. What happens when the grass is finished.

    Date: 5/17/2020, Categories: True Stories Ass to Mouth Bisexual Boy, Drug, Extreme, First Time Non-consensual Sex Oral Sex / Blowjob Rape / Violence / Cruelty Author: Jayokegbe, Source: sexstories.com

    I was groggy and tired, my eyes were finding it really hard to focus and my body felt kind of numb.
    I scanned the room through half opened eyes trying to see if I could register anything, but nothing,I hadn't a clue where I was or who's bed I was in or why I was even in bed.
    I came here to do a job to raise money for a trip with the school and now I am just ..... "Fuck! what will I tell my teacher when she asks how did it go with Mr Byrne and his over grown lawn, " I don't know, fuck I can't remember.
    My last memory is coming in from the garden after cutting the grass for Mr Byrne. I was thirsty and he gave me a drink and for the life of me I couldn't remember what happened after I had that drink.
    I had a funny strange taste in my mouth, that ran all the way down my throat, when I belched the taste repeated in my mouth, "was it the drink Mr Byrne gave me?," "Was it something else I ate or swallowed?" I had no idea.
    I lay there asking myself,why was I in a strange bed, why was I naked and what the fuck is that noise coming from the bath room.
    My watch was missing, my phone was gone, I had no idea of the time of day, "Jesus what the fuck is going on?'
    A few moments later the bathroom door opened and Mr Byrne appears through the door. He was naked with drips of water dripping from his body.
    He was a young man, probably in his late thirties or early forties. His body was toned but I had no real interest as I was not gay, so his body may look good to a girl or a gay guy but to me, it was just a guys body.
    "How you feeling boy?" He asked
    I turned to my left side to see him "sorry?"
    "I asked you how you were feeling?"
    I looked at him while I paused, while my brain tried to engage, "I am ok, don't really feel anything to be honest"
    "Really? So you don't feel a thing, your body is ok?"
    I rolled to my other side staring at the wall "Ye my body is fine Mr Byrne, I am use to doing gardens, the one at my home is huge so yours was easy, my body is cool"
    He looked at me, it was not really what he was asking, but I didn't know, I was too young, innocent, what ever to even understand him.
    I felt him pull the covers back and I tried to keep some over me as I was naked but he was too swift with his hands and I was naked but only for a few seconds as he jumped into bed and pulled the covers back over him.
    "Are you ok?" He asked with his deep voice only inches from my ear.
    I turned my head to look at him while holding the covers over my shoulder, "Ye.... I told you already, I am fine, all is good, no worries" I turned back to just staring at the wall.
    I felt his wet hand rest in my my hip as he came closer.
    "Do you remember that I offered you more money than we originally discussed? He asked.
    Now I was really confused, I turned to lay on my back and paused again until my brain caught up, "Why am I in your bed?" I asked.
    "You were tired" was his answer
    "Tried?" I repeated
    "Yes, tired...... I think ...