1. Chapter 15, Tiff And Tat, Lovers' Spats, Trophy Ring, Thanks, Now Goodbye

    Date: 5/17/2020, Categories: Cheating Author: ElizabethLinJohnson, Source: LushStories

    Enrico, being married, could only see me on the sly, which suited me.
    Enrico worked all over Silicon Valley, fixing equipment. He told me who was hiring and paying more. I left Nortec and flipped companies with a raise.
    Before cell phones, we tried CB radio communication. My handle was Cobra and his Supini. The problem with CB was it broadcast to the crowd. We set up a meeting at a coffee shop by CB and a few more males than Enrico showed up. If we’d had CB broadcast a meeting at a motel, it would be a crowd. Our arrangement settled.
    He called my home at noon and I only called his work number. Both paranoid, we briefly mentioned an alignment machine number, 314 needing repair and when he could fix it, the number being the room at the Holiday Inn. Our relationship devolved into a weekly noontime tryst and on occasion, after my swing shift, our rendezvous there, not much different than "F and F". Enrico once suggested sex in his car. My reply was, "No hotel, no honey."
    After a few motel meetings, Enrico wanted sex, sans condom.
    “Why aren’t you on the pill like other women? My wife’s on the pill. What makes you special? I don’t like rubbers.”
    "Let's screw without. I 'm sure your wife will be pleased you’re going to have another bambino."
    "Why don't you just take the pill?"
    "Why don't you just get fixed, like my husband? You need to be snipped. Perhaps I should suggest it to your wife so she doesn’t need to take the pill."
    Thereafter, he complained but rolled it on.
    We went to the Holiday Inn in separate cars. To enhance daytime trysts above “F and F” I typically brought food to eat after sex. Occasionally we met for lunch at a Lyons restaurant but his nervousness made it unpleasant. In public, he lost his alpha veneer, nervous someone might see us, think we were having an affair and tell his wife. My original suspicion he had been caught before was verified when I asked him.
    He didn’t drift randomly into my mind even though Vixen enjoyed his company. I did tell my husband an engineer was flirting with me. With tryst times limited and my routine normal, he only worried an engineer was interested in me, not I in him.
    I also told him the engineer was reported to have an eight-inch penis. When he asked how I knew, I told him the girls at work told me and had nicked named him "Super 8". If we passed a Super 8 Motel I would say.
    "Look another Super 8!"
    I figured the best camouflage was being an open joke.
    He pestered about who Enrico was, evidence he hadn’t forgotten the confessed two words I regretted saying.
    I told him he was Italian, true, his name was, Enrico Supini, true in a way and he lacked polish, also true. He checked every phone book in Silicon Valley looking for a "Mr. Supini", even pestering me about its spelling. I told him I didn’t know the spelling and he was married with kids, to ease his suspicions.
    Enrico was smug with wife and three kids safely tucked away on his home turf while he ...