1. Family Guy: Lois and Jerome 1

    Date: 5/3/2020, Categories: Celebrities Interracial Humor Author: LoisGriffinrole, Source: xHamster

    Lois walks into the clam. Peter has just came home drunk and passed out on the couch. As peter was at the clam lois was at home getting ready. She put on her black laced thong, and regular pants and regular shirt. Lois and Jerome and had planned this night for weeks, texting eachother and sending nude pics back and forth. With alot of things in the way like the k**s and Peter it finally fell through tonight. "Lois, don't forget to lock the door behind you." Jerome said. It was 3 am and the bar had just closed.
    Lois was only staying with Peter for the k**s. Little did he know what she really wanted was Jerome's 10 inch big black cock all along. They headed into the back with no windows so nobody could see them. Without saying a word Lois was kissing all over him, going from his lips, to his neck, upper body down to his bbc. She pulled down his pants and out comes his big black cock.
    "Oh Jerome, i don't remember it being this big!" She puts it in her mouth and begins. She struggles at first to get it down her throat, but eventually Jerome starts thrusting her mouth, forcing it down her throat. Lois startings gagging, spit and saliva spilling from her mouth as she continues to work Jerome's bbc. She takes off her clothes and is only wearing her black laced thong. "i want you to fuck me daddy." Lois says as she gets up and bends over. Jerome slaps her ass "ooh. I've never felt this wet before." Jerome then begins to thrust inside Lois. Only going half way in. Jerome then grabs both of Lois arms and holds them behind her as he goes deeper. "Fuck yes Jerome! I love that black cock give me more!" She moans bouncing her ass on Jerome's bbc. Jerome lets her arms go and pulls on her hair. Her moans turn into screams as Jerome goes deeper inside Lois. Her legs then lose control and she squirts all over him. "Goddamn Jerome I've never squirted in my life you're so amazing!" He keeps thrusting. "Yeah your all mine baby. Fuck im about to cum Lois! I ain't never had white pussy this good before damn" Jerome yells. "Don't pull out!" Lois replies as she's being thrusted more doggy style against the wall. Jerome goes harder thrusting over and over again. Lois spreads her ass cheeks wide open so Jerome can fill her up even more. "Oh my God! Don't stop please don't stop Jerome you feel so fucking good" Lois yells "Fuck!!!" Jerome yells as he gives Lois one more thrust. He cums inside of her as Lois is fingering herself gathering his cum on her fingers and licking it. Jerome smacks her ass one more time. "This time again tomorrow?" He says. Lois looks back fingers in her mouth. "You're goddamn right daddy. " Jerome and Lois got ready and headed out the door. As Jerome dropped Lois they parked in front of Quagmire's house. She gave him a kiss than looked into his eyes and wanted more. She starts sucking his dick still barley getting it in all the way. He cums again, into Lois mouth and she swallows. "i love your cock" she says then walks out. As she's walking to ...